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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Completed version of my recent encounter with a police officer from Torrance California

I left no bruises on anyone...
...yet I was the one who got tackled by cops shouting, "STOP RESISTING!" (for the benefit of the camera that I knew was there. They always say that, whether a person is resisting or not.), cuffed, dragged through the apartment complex in cuffs and tossed in the back seat of a Torrance California Police car and taken, against my will and for no good reason, to the UCLA psych ward by a robot of a cop named Officer Maier who, when I called him a bully for "taking down an old lady when you're twice my size, bragged that he was "4 times" my size. He grabbed my arms, bruising them and then cuffed me so tight that I had no choice but to slip my hands out. I just held my arms behind me until he went to take them off at which time I brought forth my uncuffed hands.

This happened the other day so most of the bruising is gone but here are the remnants of a black eye:

This is from when he told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, so I asked him if I could change into some street clothes or at least get some deodorant. Instead of saying "No", he grabbed me and threw me down on the couch putting me in one of those arm up your back holds...he had to use my arm to drag me down, bruising me here:

These are mostly bad pictures of the bruises left by the hand cuffs, they've faded a pit and you can't really tell in the pics so I think I'll try to get better ones before they go away completely:

Officer Maier (of the Torrance California PD) is the first vet who I've ever heard pat himself on his own back for keeping the world safe for democracy as a USMC recon sniper. Ironically, he was bragging about how people like him protect the rights of people like mine. Most times I would have just thanked him for his service but at the time, I was handcuffed in back of a cop car and he was driving me to the loony bin for no acceptable reason. Apparently, in any conflict, the person who gets to the phone and calls the cops first is the one who is believed, no matter how ridiculous that person's story may be. So, like they did when Jeffery Dahmer had a victim running out of his house...Dahmer told the cops that he was having a lover's quarrel so they left the poor man to be raped and murdered. Well, I already had a black eye and some other bruises besides the ones the comes inflicted upon me. Like that, the Torrance cops believed the liar who called them to lock me up. I had committed no crime, I wasn't thinking of suicide or homicide. I haven't been able to eat much lately so when I told the cops that I've not been eating well, they didn't even give me a chance to tell them that I drink Ensure supplements before they decided that I warranted a trip to the hospital where I stayed, refusing treatment the entire time (there was nothing wrong to treat), being rude to my captors and generally annoying people. It worked, I was immediately discharge the next day after all of the staff bitched about my "attitude".

It gets worse. I'm writing this later and I see that I've repeated myself, I'll fix it later but it's already posted so I'll leave it like this until I fix it to send it to the Torrance Internal Affairs office.
He had the handcuffs on so tight that they bruised my arm...as did his 350 but 6'6" self when he tackled me. He bragged it was being recorded, I hope so, I'd love to see it and have others decide for themselves if brute force was necessary on a 115 pound grandmother. I knew there was no reason for me to be taken against my will to the loony loony bin. I wasn't suicidal, homicidal or delusional. I simply admitted to not eating very much because of my nerves. That's all it took. Based on that, they took me against my will (with my hands behind my back so it would look like I still had them on instead of my just holding each cuffs with my fingers) to a hospital that continued the illegal detention. If he would have listened instead of tackling me, he would have known that I had been drinking cans of vanilla Ensure and taking vitamins. He totally disregarded that fact that I told him that I had planned on going to the doctor that day but my daughter told me to wait until the next day, her day off, so that she could take me herself. I never miss an opportunity to play with my grandson so I didn't mind waiting until the next day. There's was simply no reason to detain me and my bitchy self.
Apparently, I was such a bitch in the hospital that the docs wanted me out. The nurses threatened me with further detention if I continued to be disrespectful. But, I think I had the opposite of the Stockholm Syndrome...I don't like my captors one bit. When they asked for my name (I had already removed my own Scarlett Letter, the wristband with my name.) I simply responded, "Marcia Brady". There was one heavy-set morning nurse who took it all in good stride,, I liked her. But there were mostly hideous wenches who said things like, "No wonder your daughter wanted you taken away." I had no idea what she was talking about because no one ever gave me a good reason for my detention. Acting like a bitch from hell isn't on the list of things you can be locked up for.
Before I go, I should mention that this redneck cop is from Birmingham (and proud of the Confederacy) and bragged about his prowess as a sniper.) He asked me, "Do you know what a recon sniper is?" I told him that I did and then I began to wonder why he was asking me such things. Was I supposed to be frightened into submission? He was losing the war of the words we were having and he knew it. He had nothing but the party line to quote and I had common sense. Common sense wins every time. And, it stumps the fool who just quoted something he heard at a meeting of police.
I found it so ironic that he would brag about his service at that time and in the way he did. He was ranting about where America would be without a military and that if it weren't for people like him, I wouldn't have the rights that I have as an American. I would have believed that coming from any vet who didn't have me cuffed (sort of) in the back of a cop car on the way to a place that would lock me up and take away my civil rights indefinitely. When I mentioned that and the fact that he tackled me even though he was twice my size, he spouted out, "Four times!" Officer Maier, as I told you during our little ride together, you are a bully personified. God forbid we should have many more cops like you. You lied to me and you used your immense stature to do your job. I would never take a job that required such behavior. If this had happened in Iran, we would see it for what it is.


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