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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If ever I needed a reason to run away...

...I have one now. After listening to two women (both new mothers...one is 2 and the other is new) talk about baby issues, marital issues and "Isn't my mother horrible" issues. I can believe that in all this time neither one of them has said anything positive. Certainly nothing positive about ANY one person.

Oops, forgot the music...BRB.

OK...now I feel slightly avenged. My daughter went to the store and took her 2 year old with her. The new mother just started shushing her kid loudly and consistently. I didn't mind until she wandered into the room that I'm in. That reminded me that I could head to You Tube and play some Del Amitri. She wandered right back out of the room so it worked. I'm not usually a bitch but after what I've been listening to, I don't mind a quick bitch move, harmless to most. But these yahoos are LOOKING for negativity and they seem to be reveling in it.

She just asked me for tome Tylenol for her headache. I looked and looked and all I could find was baby Tylenol and Tylenol suppositories. I couldn't find any so we'll have to wait until my daughter gets back from her French fry run.

OK, all this girl talk is making me ill...it would make me ill if I were part of the exchange which I'm not so it's time to find some food and a beach.



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