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Friday, November 08, 2013

If someone called the cops on you Monday...

...and tells them God knows what to ensure that they take you away, in handcuffs, while telling you that they were told to "Get her out of my house, I'm afraid she'll hurt me.", and then gets you locked up on a psych ward long enough for the docs to see that you're not a harm to anyone, how would you react? Add to that a bus ride from the hospital back to the house where you live only to find out the locks were changed with everything you own inside. Then, when you have to beg for a ride to a motel, you're told to "Shut the fuck up or you can get out of the car." They drop you at the motel (to get you away from your house) and tell you to go check in only to peel out of the parking lot while you're checking in so that you can't say good-bye. Then, when you get your stuff in the room, you notice that they're parked on the street and you walk out to say good-bye and they wait until you get halfway to them to peel out again. The question is, would you (after being rejected, cussed at and demeaned, not to mention lied about and locked up), would you call them first thing in the morning to tell them good-bye before you leave town? Or, would you take the hint, avoid more cops and just do what they want you to do and leave with tears in your eyes?

After this, I had bruises all over, a black eye and the memory of being locked up for nothing. I decided to take the hint and leave quietly. Now I'm wrong because I didn't call in the morning to say good-bye. Talk about can't win for losing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you are all right and are moving to a better place. I am worried about you. Please take care of yourself. There are people out here who want you to be safe and happy.

November 08, 2013  

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