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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Sadly...this is far too true

No one notices your tears,

no one notices your sadness,

no one notices your pain

but they all notice your mistakes.



Anonymous www.carolbalawyder.com said...

Oh, how I have been there. I empathize with you.But nothing ever remains constant. Not even the pain.

November 13, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I like that. And...of course...you're right.

November 14, 2013  
Blogger Water Baby said...

Sometimes the only direction you can go from where you are is up.

I hope that this storm washes the bad things away for you. Once you remove all of the negitivity from your life the sunshine will come out, slowly at first. Just do what you know that you need to do for you and everything else will fall into place.

November 15, 2013  
Blogger colleen Kellie said...

Hi Meg,
I’ve been there too; that’s what it feels like when you are down but there is always someone who loves you even if it’s not the person you were hoping or wishing for. Some people may seem not to care, when in reality they do, they just have a very poor way of showing it. Also when people are angry they tend to over-state their case.xxoo

November 15, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Thanks ladies, you are right and I'm so happy when I come here and see your comments. They really do mean something to me and my online friends are keeping me going right now. Don't go away.


November 20, 2013  

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