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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One Day

"I don't want you to turn out like me."
"Mom, don't feel like that, being like you wouldn't be so bad.

Another Day

"I would have never spoken to my mother like that!"
"Well, you've never been a very good mother."

Only a daughter can pierce your heart so sharply. I'm sure I did it to my mother but I was never as acidic. I could have been, and Lord knows that I can still more than carry my own when it comes to a battle of words. But you can't really let that stuff loose on your own daughter. I love my daughter so much that it literally hurts. But I wish that she had some sort of filter between her thoughts and her mouth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some words can sear the soul and if it is from a child, the hurt can run deep. It seems kids are more apt to voice their opinions on how their parents handle situations and it seems to be even more so when a divorce is involved. It's like they are trying to make sense of what happened between their parents and maybe find where the fault lies. Of course, they don't imagine they would ever end up there themselves and they believe they would have been better able to prevent it in the first place.

December 14, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Oh, how true. The thing that bothers me most is knowing how, one day, they will regret the things they've done and won't be able to change a thing. And you're right, things go full circle.

December 16, 2013  

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