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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Today I get to go out...

...for a while. The lady at the YMCA asked me if I would help her with some event that she's having tonight and I told her I would. She'll be coming to pick me up soon. I don't have to do this, I just told her that I would so I'm going to. I don't know what she'll be having me do yet but whatever it is, it'll be different than what I've been doing which is pretty much nothing but cleaning the house. I did that spring cleaning crap that takes a couple of weeks to do.

Sooner or later, I'll get to the yard. My back hasn't really stopped hurting from the last time when I picked up all of the stupid pine cones. My rhododendron is the only thing that I've ever planted that comes back and looks beautiful. I think I'll have to get some more of them.

Everything else died because of the big trees in my front yard. I have to plant flowers that do well in the shade and there aren't a lot of them.

I never meant to buy a rhododendron, I wanted a hibiscus. But, I forgot what it was called so I just described the plant to the nursery dude and he told me it was a rhododendron. It was so small that I didn't know it wasn't what I wanted until it grew a bit. Now it's full of flowers and buds so it'll be flowering for a while. I never did get the hibiscus.

I'd love to have someone like Chem-lawn come over and spray poison all over the yard. I'd like to kill it all and start over. I think that the dirt is so bad that I would need to dig it up and mix something into it. Or, maybe Chem-lawn could spray something else on it to make it come alive. That sounds a bit too easy so I doubt that it's an option.

I put weed killer out there last year and it didn't work. I have as many weeds as I ever had. You know, now that I think of it, there haven't been very many dandelions so maybe it did work for some things. I should have those stupid dandelion things flying through the air by now and I don't even have any dandelion flowers. When I was a kid I would pick those flowers and make bracelets and necklaces out of the dandelion stalks. That was fun. I don't know how I played in the dirt so much. I would be afraid of all the bugs if I sat in the grass now. I would know that they were all right there and I couldn't see them.

Have you ever seen cicada nymphs? EEEWWWWWW!!! Pretty nasty suckers. They're less than a foot deep in the dirt. I hate knowing that they're there, underneath me. The 12 inches of dirt doesn't help me but a blanket will. I could sit on a blanket, but not on the grass. I'd like to go to Stone Mountain and sit on a blanket during the laser show. Stone Mountain looks like someone took a bowl of rock, cut it in half and dumped it on the planet. On the face of the mountain it has carvings of Civil War heroes of the South. They call it the Mt. Rushmore of the South.
don't know who it is that says that, but that's what THEY say. They have a laser show on the face of the mountain as well. That's kind of fun.

OK, I should put make up on my face now. If I'm going to leave and go forth in public and see what I get in to.

See ya!



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