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Monday, April 24, 2006

I just spoke to the detective...

...who is investigating my aunt's disappearance. He called to let me know that my cousin (who is a suspect in his mother's disappearance) is getting out June 30th. They gave him two years for theft by possession.

They couldn't make a case against him about his mother but when they searched her home (that he was living in) they found a bunch of stolen guns. For some reason, this guy wasn't eligible for any parole so he's doing two years "door to door", which means that he does every single day of it.

The detective told me that they were discussing my cousin with the prosecutor last week and the case against him in New Jersey came up. The Georgia cops looked at the file that New Jersey had and said that they would LOVE to have that case here. He told me that New Jersey is the best state to commit a crime in. Apparently, the "liberal nature" of the state makes it a great place to get away with murder...according to this detective. Apparently, he's right.

My cousin was a suspect in the death of a young woman there and my aunt was his alibi. He apparently killed her, or at least "disposed of her body" so he doesn't have an alibi anymore, I don't know why New Jersey doesn't charge him.

The stupid SOB took a TAXI-CAB to the woman's trailer where he killed her and then burned the place down. The cab driver gave a statement and was willing to testify against him but, for whatever reasons, they didn't feel as though they could make a case.

Like a lot of other things in life, lying, cheating and having sex, I would think that murder gets easier as you keep getting away with it. My father is the person responsible for my aunt's financial matters. Since she hasn't been found dead, technically she's only "missing" so they don't refer to it as her estate. My father is doing all that he can to ensure that his nephew doesn't have an easy time of getting the money. He planned on coming up here and having my cousin held civilly liable so that he doesn't get all of her money. His kids would get it if he didn't. They aren't of age yet so the money would all sit in some sort of account until they're old enough to collect it.

I asked the detective what he thought, not what he could prove, just what types of scenarios he thought might have transpired. He said that they could give the exact day which she stopped writing checks. My cousin started writing them the very next day. My cousin also rented a bulldozer and there was a place on her property that had recently been dozed (or whatever you call it). They went over all of that land with cadaver dogs and didn't find a thing. He said that if she were out there, the dogs would have found her. I wonder how accurate that is. They always talk about "human error", I wonder if they ever encounter "canine error".

My cousin's name is Paul Merkle and he's a nasty SOB. I was in one of his court hearings and he didn't like my afther one little bit. This man is a suspect in the deaths of two women and he has apparently, gotten away with both of them. I think I'd like to get his mother's car out of my driveway before June 30th. It's not as though he has too many places to go so I wouldn't think it too tough for him to take a little day trip to the Atlanta area.

I had to wonder about the woman in New Jersey. Doesn't she have any family who is angry and pressuring the cops there? If they have a cab driver willing to testify that he drove Paul to the murder/arson up there, I would think that they could at least lock him up for a while as they tried him on what they have. You never know, it could work. It's certainly worth a try.

I'm going to see if I can get more information about that case in Jersey. I'd like to see if the Jersey cops would be interested in this case now that Paul has alledgedly killed his alibi. If the cops in Georgia would "love to have that case", I would think that New jersey would have to have more evidence than the just cab driver.

I'm going to call the detective back and see what else he does know.



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