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Monday, June 05, 2006

A friend of mine...

...sent me the picture that's posted below this post. I thought it was so cute that I asked him if I could put it on the blog. In his email saying that it was OK, he added some advice:

"...And by the way, if one of your guys wants to take you to see the movie, RV, with Robin Willliams, come up with a headache quick. Or spew on the side of his car, quick!!!..."

That's actually good advice, judging from what happened when I DID spew on the guys car. We went straight home, of course. Now he keeps a couple of bags and napkins in his car for our dates. I never know when that type of thing will happen...usually it happens if I eat when I'm really not hungry. When I'm out on a date and we go to dinner, I don't want to be rude and not eat so I try to eat a bit of something. Not anymore...I'll just sip on a ginger ale the next time I'm not hungry.

OK, I have some errands to run and my ride will be here any minute. Have a good day!

See ya later!



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