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Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm home!

Tonight I went out for a ride, literally. I've always enjoyed taking rides and Rick used to drive me up or down the interstate back when he didn't have any girlfriends. One of my nice young men asked me what I wanted to do after dinner and I said that I wanted to go for a ride. So we did. We drove to Alabama and back, just for the hell of it.

I made dinner for him earlier this evening. I had a taste for pepper steak so I went online and found a recipe for it. I added a few spices that I like to use when I cook Chinese food and it was pretty darned good. It tasted just like real Chinese restaurant Chinese food. I didn't make egg rolls this time. I love egg rolls, home made or part of a pu pu tray. Now I can't deep fry them like I used to because my dog was tied to a cabinet in my kitchen and he heard another dog outside, bolted and pulled the cabinet down, breaking my olive oil filled fryer and about 6 mason jars. What a mess that was.

I got home about an hour ago and decided to put a small black and white TV (that I found in a closet) on the kitchen counter. I hooked it up to a spare (my son's) VCR so that I could watch Dick Van Dyke reruns while I'm cooking or cleaning in the kitchen. I don't have cable in the kitchen but that's OK, I like to have old TV shows on in the background when I'm working. I've seen them so many times that I know what's happening without actually LOOKING at the television. It takes my mind off of the work that I'm doing and makes the time go faster. Next, I'm going to go up in the attic my damn self and get the stupid sewing machine. I can't get my son to come over here and visit, much less go up in the attic and get the things that he took up there while I was vacationing in the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.

Unfortunately, I had to send my beau packing tonight. Not for good, just for the evening. I was tired from the ride and didn't feel like "entertaining". I felt badly about that but that's one of the nice things about being divorced...I can kick the man out when I'm done with him. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I'm really not. It's just that I am SO sick of feeling obligated so I'm just gonna be honest with these guys. I like them both and they both like me. But, it's like I told Rick when we got married, "You don't HAVE to be with me...but if you're going to, these are a few of the rules."

With Rick, one big rule was no dating other women. Of course, honesty is a given. With other guys, it might just be that I have other things to do when I'm not with them and I need for them to just deal with it. I apologize if that sounds harsh but I don't ask for anymore than I'm willing to give in return. I've always mentioned other guys to men who I would spend enough time with. After a while, these things just come up and you have to say something. Rick and I dated on and off for over 6 years before we got married so I had plenty of occasions to mention other men. He would even tell you that. They would just come up in conversation and I'm so open that I just talked about whatever I did and if it involved another guy, I would just say so. Rick dealt with that pretty well and so do these guys.

Something I noticed about Rick as opposed to other men, he never, ever mentioned other women. In all the time I knew him, he never once referred to another woman...EVER. I've never spent any amount of time with a man who didn't bring up another woman's name in one context or another. I don't mean that I expect men to rag on their ex's, it's just that sooner or later you would mention a vacation or a concert or something like that and you had a date with you when you did it. Not Rick. To hear him speak, you'd think that I was the only woman that he ever spoke to.

And, I cannot stress this enough...EVER.

I never really thought too much about that until now. How odd. Oh well.
I like my new dryer. It dries things so damned fast that I can wash a load and dry it by the time the next load is washed so the trip from washer to dryer to closet is much quicker.

I have an apple pie in my refridgerator. Why do people always want to see skinny people eat? They wouldn't bring a heavy person a box of Dexatrim...what makes it OK to bring skinny people pie? The men in my life seem to like to bring me desserts. If they'd ask me first, I'd send them to the Marietta Diner for one of their fabulous desserts. But they just show up on my door with run of the mill pie, red velvet cake or blackberry cobbler. And the sad thing is, all I really want are lime popsickles.

Well, I have to go to bed now. Have a lovely weekend!



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