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Friday, June 02, 2006

I was watching the news...

...and there was a story about a couple of women who run a no-kill animal shelter and from ALL accounts, they're doing a wonderful job at it. People from as far away as Europe sing their praises as a wonderful place to let animals live while they await placement. The women own acres and acres of land here in Georgia and the animals "...'are getting proper care, exercise, love, and are able to live without the threat of a premature death,' wrote Mary Alice Pollard in Cornwall, England, to the international animal welfare community. Pollard represents the International Organization for Animal Protection, affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information, and founded Cornwall's Voice for Animals."

Yet for some reason that I can't quite figure out, the Georgia Department of Agriculture wants to shut down Canine Angels, the facility run by the two women. They will "be forced to give up about 150 dogs and over a dozen cats by June 3 and face fines of $15,000." So then the two women, "Wells and co-director Lynette Rowe ran into legal difficulties with Georgia's Department of Agriculture and were charged with animal cruelty..." BUT..." All charges were later dropped." Yet, the bureaucracy refuses to back down and they are enforcing orders to shut the facility down despite the fact that no one has actually SEEN the evidence.

First of all, the news didn't say one word about the fact that the women had the support of animal rights activists from all over the planet. I didn't know that this story was anything more than a local aside judging from the way it was covered by the local news. I only found out the REST of the story by going online and Googling Canine Angels. Then I read about the ongoing struggle that these women have had to endure. It's a disgrace.

Secondly, NOTHING in the news report showed evidence of ANY neglect or abuse although the reporter referred to "video-tapes" that the government claimed to have. Why wasn't the tiniest bit of evidence portrayed on the news? If it was THAT bad, surely the women couldn't have fixed it all up before the news cameras arrived. How did the news NOT get this particular story? One that would obviously touch the hearts of the viewing public. I could just see the producer in the meeting before the news saying, "Oh yeah, let's cover these abused animals for a week, old ladies love that crap!" and then the entire table erupts with laughter.

I don't know why the government seems to have such a hard-on for these women. I do know that the employee at the Department of Agriculture responsible for beginning this atrocity has since been fired. Yet, the hard-on remains.

I've seen first hand how important cash is to our legal system and as pitiful, absurd and unreasonable as it is, the truth is that nothing matters more than money. From the highest elected offices to the lowest local appointees, every single employee in every level of government is ruled by money. The people who make up our government; national, state-wide or local, know exactly how important cash is in the "business" and they know that they have to bring it in to keep their jobs and to advance in those jobs. No matter how minor or serious a government employee's decision may be, money is a concern at some level. And, no matter how well intentioned people may begin a career in public service, money will affect them all to varying degrees. And we give these people ALL of the power! People who are professional powerful greedy people don't like to admit when they're wrong.

So, I'm sure that the ladies will be fine after they pay at least 15 grand. But it's my guess that the government will settle for more.

These yahoos would rather see all of these animals tossed out on their behinds rather than leave them in the care of these women. These two ladies have placed over 1,200 animals in homes. Those animals would have been sentenced to government "handling" if it hadn't been for Canine Angels.

If you'd like more information, you can search Canine Angels or go to their web site at http://www.negacanineangels.com/ .

Also..."See the animals available for adoption whose lives have been threatened by the State's actions:


Or, you can sign this petition:




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