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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Earlier, I was watching...

...a really, really bad movie. It was one of those movies that actually had a monster. It wasn't a cool monster like the Alien monster, it was a stupid sea creature that looked like a cross between a giant squid and milli-armed octopus with giant mouth like things on the ends of the "tentacles" that had huge teeth. If the monster got you with that thing ( which seemed to have a mind of it's own that acted separately from the squid head although it didn't have any eyeballs) it would grab you with the teeth and suck you down the octo-arm as though it had an esophagus. Apparently it had eaten it's Wheaties because it came through the hull of a cruise ship and turned all the passengers into skeletal blobs...but I digress.

When I started watching the movie, the only people left were some bad guys that were after something but I missed the beginning so I don't know what it was. Anyway, there was a small group of survivors and one of them was black. I knew that he was going to get sucked down the squid's arm/throat thing...and soon. The black folk always die early in monster movies.

There is always a cute chick and one guy who pretty much saved the chick's ass a few times and they kiss when they survive the disaster, whatever it was...but once again, I digress. Others who usually survive monsters and serial killers are children, the "fool" of the group, and some old guy who's wife was killed earlier in the movie. But bad guys and black folk never make it out of these situations alive.

That happens too often to be a coincidence so there has to be a reason and for the life of me, I can't figure out what it could be. When they're writing the screen play, before they come up with a name for the character who dies first, do they just refer to him as "The Black Guy"? At the auditions, is the black guy trying out for the lead...giving his all for that part...knowing all along that he'll just end up playing the guy who dies first? Or do they cast it like that, saying to agents..."We need a black guy to die first. Who do you have?"

Anyway, I was wondering about that. OH! Something else I was thinking about today...did you know that they gave the Kool-Aid "guy" pants? Were people complaining that he was naked? He was a pitcher for pete's sake. How the heck can a pitcher put on a pair of pants? Were they trying to make him a more believable character? One that other bi-peds could relate to? Or has he gotten to an age where parents just feel more comfortable with pants on the pitcher? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at that meeting. And you know they had one. A bunch of adults actually got together in a room and discussed the need to put pants on the Kool-Aid guy. Hell...you never even knew whether or not he WAS a guy! Why not a skirt? Whatever.

And by the way, my male dog is an idiot; coincidence...or does it come with the testicles?

On that note, I'm going to bed. If you haven't already, I'd appreciate it if you would answer the new poll question. I've asked the question of men and women. You all know who you are so it shouldn't be tough. I'm curious and I bet other people are as well.

See ya.



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