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Sunday, June 04, 2006


...it's hot here. I'm hot and sweaty and it's only going to get hotter and I'm only going to get sweatier. I miss blizzards and I wish I had one right now. When you're too hot, you can only take off so many clothes but when you're cold, you can put on a bunch more and then get under blankets. This hot just blows.

And...it's just beginning. It will remain this hot until at least October and possibly into late November. Winter in the South is just a couple of weeks of not hot. Then, hot starts up again and they call it spring for a while, then summer and finally fall. But they're all the same, hot. And I don't mean just regular hot, this is Africa hot.

When I was growing up in Illinois, everyone always wanted to go to the South and bask in the balmy breezes under a palm tree somewhere. I wish that I had appreciated the weather that I started out with. Instead, I left Illinois as soon as I was legally able to and headed for sunny California. The first summer that I was there, we had a 3 week stretch where it hit at least 115 every day for 3 weeks straight. I was pregnant with my son and if there's one thing worse than being hot, it's being hot while you're pregnant.

I didn't have air conditioning so I "borrowed" a vinyl chaise lounge from the pool in our complex and put it in my living room. Then, I pointed a fan at it and laid there naked. I kept the bathtub full of cool water and I would get wet in it and then lie in front of the fan until I dried off and then I'd do it again. When my husband finally came home from work, we would drive the 30 miles down to San Francisco where it would be 40 degrees cooler. I lived behind the coastal hills and they kept the cool ocean air away from us. But, Frisco was nice.

I've since moved to Virginia, New York and now Georgia with a couple of brief stints back in Chicago. Something was trying to keep me there where I belonged but I can't seem to get the message. If I ever get back there, I'll never leave again, I promise.

This is all Rick's fault. I was living happily in Chicago when he called and called to try to get me to move back to Virginia. I finally said, "If you want me there, come and get me."

The fool did it and I, being a bigger fool, loaded up my kids and my belongings and went with him. That's when my life stopped moving forward and began going downhill. There's not a thing in this world that I wouldn't do for the chance to go back to 1985 and start over again. Of course, that wouldn't do unless I could take my current brain with me. Going back just to do the same stuff over again would be stupid.

Next weekend I'm going down the coast to spend a lovely weekend at the beach and I can't wait. Even if it IS hot there, I can always jump in the water. Of course there are sharks in the water, but I'll take my chances with them, I just hate to be hot.

But this weekend, I have nothing to do and I hate that. It's far too hot to go out back and do what I should be doing, pulling large weeds that have grown along the fence line.

It just occurred to me that I don't own a pair of shorts that fit me. I probably have some that would fall off of me if I put them on so they won't do. I have a couple of summer tops that fit me but I have to wear them with jeans. Damn, it just occurred to me that I won't have any appropriate clothing to take to the beach. I don't own a bathing suit, not even one that doesn't fit. My bills are paid but I'm as broke as I can be so I don't even think that I'll be able to buy anything before I go to the beach. It looks like I'll have to explain that to my weekend date and hope that he has the desire to take me shopping. That tact worked when I needed an outfit to go out to dinner in but that was a different guy.

Well, I'll do it again and see if it works. If it doesn't, my decision will be easy, I'll just lose the one who doesn't see the benefit in shopping trips and clear some more room for shopper dude or at least some other guy who might like to see me happy and appropriately dressed.

Now, I know that sounds awful, but I'm still working on my new rules and I need to come up with some good ones. If I don't be careful, I might end up with another Rick and that would just SUCK!

I actually remember thinking that Rick was such a loser that no one else would want him so he wouldn't cheat on me. What woman would want some bald dude who couldn't carry on a conversation or remember an anniversary? Well, I forgot about tramps. They have such low standards and there are so many of them out there that no woman is safe, no matter what kind of a cretin she marries.

So, if I ever get married again, I'm going to make sure that I get a good one. That way, even if he does cheat, I'll have some fun in the meantime AND a decent wardrobe.

Well, I'm going to go sweat in the other room now, I'll be back later.

See ya!



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