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Monday, July 31, 2006

Good afternoon!

Driving back I was thinking about so many things that I wanted to write about and now that I'm at the keyboard, I can't remember any of them. I know that I did want to ask what your pet peeves were regarding the opposite sex. One of mine is the propensity that men have to totally shut down during an argument, thinking that if they shut up long enough, their women will be in a better mood when the men finally decide to speak again.

That's so incredibly NOT true...if we don't get what we have to say out...we won't stop being angry. Worse, while the man is off pouting and waiting for us to "get over it"...we are simmering to the point that when they come back, things are a hundred times worse. But, they don't seem to get that...do they? Taking the chicken's way out is never the right thing to do but so many of them just keep on doing it.

Rick used to do that to me. He would go into the bedroom and lie on the bed. Then, when he would come out and find me still annoyed, he would be shocked that I wasn't over it and things were worse. I've said it before, if a woman feels the need to bitch, she must do so or things will only get worse. So, a smart man will just get the stupid argument over with in the first place.

I'm sure that we all have things that rub us the wrong way...what's yours? Do you hate going out with a guy who will buy you a lovely dinner and then stiff the server when it comes time to tip them? Do you hate it when a woman refuses to tell you what you've done wrong yet she wants you to somehow fix everything? What is it that drives you nuts about the opposite sex? If there's something that drives you insane...put it in the comment section and I'll post it when you do.

I was chatting with a woman at the beach who was irritated with her husband for looking at other women. Her daughter was telling her that she shouldn't mind and that she was being ridiculous. If something makes a person feel badly...it isn't being ridiculous. We can't help the way things make us feel. Feelings aren't right or wrong, they simply are.

I don't like it when the guy who I am with looks at other women with me sitting right there. I don't care what he does when I'm not around, but if I'm sitting right there, it really does make me feel badly. Now, that doesn't bother all women but it does bother some of us. A man has the right to look if he wants to but if he does, he should be with a woman who doesn't mind that. I have the right to choose a man who is more considerate of my feelings. I certainly am not a shrinking violet...I've always let the men in my life know that stuff like that bugs me.

I may think it's silly that a man doesn't want me to go online if he's right there...but if it bothers him, I'll wait until he's not around. That's what you call respect.

Man...I can't believe that I've blanked on what I wanted to say here. I just walked in so maybe I need to settle in and think a bit so I'm going to do just that. I'll sit in the chair with a pen and paper and relax a bit...writing down the things that I've been thinking about and then I'll be back after I get a few of them written down. Remember to let me know what bugs you about the opposite sex...I'm sure that we could all learn from each other.

OK then...I'll be back in a bit after my brain catches up with the rest of me.

See ya!



Blogger Enyo said...

Hi Meg, at one and the same time I'm puzzled by your first point and thoroughly relate to it. As it happens the Fat Bastard retreats into a glowering sulk at the first hint of opposition or the need for conversation and possibly a compromise (on both sides, ok, men out there). But why do men maintain the ability, at least among themselves, to have lineal, two dimensional discussions that might or might not lead to an argument but wherein any disagreements are aired and then put behind them? My answer is that they can't cope with the added dimension that the female capacity for three dimensional thinking. Except that I've a very 'male' brain. I don't play mind games. I say what I mean, or if I don't its because I feel intimidated by someone who weighs twice as much as me and excudes an aura of latent violence the moment his will is thwarted.

Something's gone badly wrong at this end (which I'm not up to elaborating on) and I'm not sure I'll be about much for next week. After that, if I'm still in one piece I shall finally be casting about for a half decent divorce lawyer within my price range.

Hopefully a bientot rather than adieu.

You sound like you're in fine form, I wish I had your mettle to get me through this.


July 31, 2006  

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