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Saturday, July 29, 2006


I'm back in Georgia...but at the beach again! I'm having a great time although I am a bit burned. I've spent a bit too much time in the water...WITH SPF 50...and I still burned a bit. It could be much worse, like the time that I got sun poisoning.

Right now I'm in my first internet cafe and I'm paying for 30 minutes of internet time because I wanted to say "HI!" and check the opinions of people who had something to say about the Yates'.

I'm quite glad to see that other people think that Rusty is to blame as well. Also, when I said that Tom Cruise was a nut, I had forgotten what he said about Brooke Sheilds. How dare he comment on another person's medical issues? What a flake. But, what can you expect from someone who believes that we're all aliens?

Oh, another first, the guy just brought me my first...and last...espresso. YUCK. I asked for whatever had the most caffeine in it and I got it. Now I wish that I had simply ordered 4 cups of coffee.

I'm having fun, but really looking forward to going home. My son is staying at my house taking care of the animals. Hopefully, he felt inspired and mowed my lawn or else I'll have to do it when I get home.

There's a guy at the bar here (coffee bar, not liquor bar) and he's smoking from a hookah. I've never seen anyone do that outside of a very private place.

I just heard that Paul McCartney is getting a divorce. I would think that it's the wife's idea, she's put in some time and should get a pretty penny out of him now. The reason that I think it's on her is because Paul ISN'T a Tom Cruise or a Brad Pitt...he married once before and stayed married. I certainly could be wrong, but I would bet a few bucks that it's the wife.

Well, my half hour is almost up so I should run but I'll be back as soon as I get home. My friend wants to spend another night here because we're having so much fun. He has to check in with his secretary later on tonight to see if he can stay another night. I hope so...I'm really, really enjoying myself. Oh, I took some pictures and I'll post them when I get home...I don't have the cord to upload them with me now. Have fun and I'll see you later!!!



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