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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Now my friend is sleeping...

...on my couch. I'd like to take her home now because I could use a nap myself. For hours, I've been afraid to fall asleep for fear of her waking up just as I do drift off. Then, 7 hours later, I could have slept more than I do most nights.

She wants to buy dinner but if she doesn't hurry up, I'm gonna starve. I should just go ahead and eat just to get it over with and then I can take her home when she wakes up. That's gonna be tough.

When I get back, I'll probably fall asleep within a few moments. I hope nobody comes over wanting any sex tonight, I'm so, SO not in the mood.
Right now I'm trying to get the stupid puzzle from 6th grade to post...just a minute, it did something...be right back...I think it will post!!! That is, if the computer doesn't boot me. Then, it could take me until tomorrow to get back to this spot.

OK, I posted one picture. I had made two, and I thought that they showed the two biggest mistakes that I make when I try to do the puzzle. The other mistake that I thought that I had portrayed was the mistake of leaving out a line altogether. But, it turned out that I drew the other mistake twice instead. Now I have to go create a picture of the first mistake. Damn it.

I'm watching an old video tape of a Gilligan's Island marathon. The episode with the evil Ginger is trying to take the good Ginger's place. It's a rather far fetched conception, I must say. But, all in all, I do enjoy the stupid reruns of the stupid television shows. Not very often, at least not Gilligan. I will watch Dick Van Dyke over and over again while I'm cleaning the kitchen. Isn't that special?

It doesn't seem to matter how much coffee I drink, I can't keep from feeling so tired. I am urinating often, that's for sure. But, I am still sleepy.

I could still doze off if not for fear that my guest would wake up. If I weren't so tired, I'd hurry her up myself but I'm exhausted. It's a rotten situation. This is the stuff that procrastination is made of.

OK then, I should go and drink a bunch more coffee to see if I can wake up at least long enough to get my friend home. If nothing else, I could read some more while I pee. I guess my weekend is over. All I have to look forward to is reading in the bathroom. I want to be able to go to sleep without worrying about anything so I have to go take my frind home. One more cup of coffee and then I'm just gonna bite the bullet and hurry the heck up.

I'll see you guys later!



Blogger terminated040106 said...

I can also certainly use a nap - must be the heat...

I enjoy watching reruns - Threes Company to be specific - very funny show - really gets my mind off of the divorce.

As for the weekend - don't worry - we still have 4th of July! One of my favorite holidays...

By the way, it's me, June. I had to change my name and blog address - will explain later. But here's my new address - don't want you to have a broken link!

Cheers, girlfriend!


July 02, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

Hello there!

I've visited your blog a couple of times recently and even posted it on mine although I thought that I already had, but I do now! Glad that you stopped by...come again!


July 03, 2006  

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