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Sunday, July 02, 2006


I'm out of bed now and waiting for Casey to want to get out of bed too. She's diabetic so I had to give her something to eat early this morning when I gave her the morning meds which include her diabetic medication. She wasn't ready to get up then and to tell the truth, neither was I. But once I get up, I can't go back to sleep.

We stayed up late last night watching Gone With the Wind. Casey said that she hates watching the second half because it's so depressing but hell, it's part of the movie so she had to watch it with me or just keep her eyes closed. There's a Gone With the Wind museum near me, down on the Marietta Square. I haven't been there yet and if I could get Casey in and out of a car by myself, I'd take her. She loves the book and loves to tell stories about meeting Margaret Mitchell.

A while back, I took her to the mall by myself and I probably could have handled it except when she went to get her hair done, I had to lift her from the wheelchair to the hair washing chair and then back to the wheel chair to the hair fixing chair and back again into the wheel chair. She was having her hair colored so I had to transfer her quite a few times so by the time I got her to my car, I couldn't do it anymore. I tried, but the car seat was too high and I couldn't do a thing with her. I had pushed the wheel chair out of my way so I couldn't put her back in that. I felt as though I would drop her so I just put her down on the parking lot and luckily, a nice man drove up right then and helped me get her in the car. My back went out for two weeks after that day so I don't take her back to that salon anymore. We found one that has movable chairs so we can push them out of the way and she can stay in the wheel chair.

Also, I don't take her anywhere alone anyway, not just because my license is suspended, but because I'm afraid that if I had to put her down again, there wouldn't be anyone to help me pick her back up. And, I couldn't leave her to find someone, not lying on the parking lot.

Ah, she's calling me now so I have to go see what she wants. She's probably ready to get up so I'll get her up and get ready to take her back home than I'll be back here!

See ya!



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