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Friday, August 11, 2006

Aren't dishes amazing...

...in how quickly they multiply? I spent a lot of time doing dishes last night and it's not even noon and there's a bunch more of those fuckers. I have disposable stuff on the counter but nobody uses it. Why is that? If there's are disposable cups on a ladies counter, use one of them. That's why they're there...so that someone doesn't have to wash your filthy cup.

And...shouldn't someone eat the leftovers? I can't throw away more than a bite of food while it's still edible. I have to let it grow something in the fridge before I throw it away. Mold, mildew, fruit flies...the food has to grow something. That gives me an idea...I should get a science kit and a microscope. That'd be fun.

You know what I've never cleaned...ever? The mess of wires behind this computer. I have two desks pushed to gether into a corner and the computer is in the middle of them, sitting half on one and hal on the other. All of the miles and miles of wires are back there. I have never been "back there". The last person to touch that stuff was Rick and I don't think he'll be coming back to straighten it out anytime soon. At this point, all I can think of is to buy a new computer. Then, I can just pick up all of the wires and throw them away and start over.

Other than that I have to clean off the thing that everyone throws stuff on when they walk in the back door...the kitchen table. Mail, pizza coupons and an old phone are all sitting on the kitchen table right now. If I don't keep up with that it can gets pretty daunting at some point.

I feel like going out now. I don't mean right now, I mean later on...really soon. That no driving crap is getting on my nerves. Everyone who would give me a ride would stay with me and that would cramp my style. Even my son is old enough to scare away most other men.

I have to be extra pushy in those sitations. I don't mind. I can handle it...I'm very good at appearing understated when I ingratiate myself, like a velvet hammer.

One of these days I'll go out by my self again. I'm sure of that. Even if I have to leave the state to do it, I"m going out without a man around one of these days. Is there a female who would come and get me? I don't even care we where go, just as long as we don't bring any men. Well, now that I think of it, you can bring one, just sit next to him all the time.

I want to go to a race track. I wanted to go in Florida but it was out of season. At least the horses were, I didn't check the dog tracks. I wouldn't even know how to pick a dog. I'd have to use eenie, meanie, miny moe. Actually, that's probably a pretty good system.

Well, I should go now. I'm feeling lazy so I have to get up and wake myself up. See ya.



Anonymous Di said...

Hi again Meg :)

I have one word for you:


I'm just saying.... :)

I feel your pain, though. It's just me and the dog here, occasionally a drop by from a friend, and yet....I spend far too much of my day washing dishes and doing other nasty housework. Sweep the floors. Wash the floors. Laundry. And oh yes, once in a while give the inside of the stove a good spray with Easy Off.

I know why the housework is so much. My place is too cluttered. I'm packing up to sell this place in the winter. And, I decided in a moment of probable insanity that hey! Might be good to sort through all the clothes!

That decision is still biting me in the arse :)

Anyway....please keep writing. You are one of my daily reads now :)


August 11, 2006  

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