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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Today I went...

...to my probation meeting. It went quickly. It was sort of like working with Colleen Lombardi, a real “in and out” type thing. Gosh, can you imagine how Jeff will feel when he realizes what he's done? He'll be sorrier than an hungover slut who just woke up next to a man who's name she can't remember.

And, it's not like this man didn't have fair warning. He was dealing with a wopig who sleeps with married men. And, the woman is 10 years older than Jeff and his wife. Jeff is so despicably complacent in his non-concern for his wife's feelings that he allows his wife to find messages from the whore on his cell phone. Colleen Lombardi sends messages wanting to have this married man's babies, for no other reason than to have the wife find them. What do you want to wager? Jeff told Colleen Lombardi very personal things that his wife had shared with him in the sanctity of their marriage. So, I'm sure that he told her about the fights about the contemptible messages she left on a married man's cell phone. So, we know that she most likely knew that Kelly might find the messages.

Remember what I said before? Colleen Lombardi's entire being is surging with the desire to hurt the wife of the man she is screwing. Now, why would a woman send messages about having babies? That's not your average voice mail or text message, is it? I would bet $300 (I have $600) that Colleen Lombardi specifically left hurtful little barbs cloaked as love messages. Isn't that frightening? This wopig is playing mind games on the two of them, isn't she? She's messing with Kelly's mind and using her husband to do it. What ever happened to good old fashioned love? Can't she think up more useful ways to spend her time? Like I said, Jeff has been warned. If he chooses to set himself up for a major let down, he is in some serious trouble.

Consider the FACT that this is just the type of wopig who would put every bit of effort she could muster into fucking this man. It's her down payment. Actually, I don't think it qualifies for a down payment, now that I think of it. A down payment implies there will be further payments made BUT...this skank will slowly stop putting forth so much effort once she has truly devastated this family and made a complete jack ass out of Jeff.

Everybody reading this knows that this is a relationship based on sex. They all are. These predatory wopigs use sex to get weak, stupid "men" who are married to other women. Chances are, a person who is capable of writing that email is one insane, manipulative, destructive, selfish and clingy wopig. So, she can't attract a man with her sweet nature. She has to use her pussy and she opens it wide like a Venus Fly Trap, luring in husbands who are too weak to do the right thing...simply turn around and go home. It isn't difficult. But, when they buzz too close to a Colleen Lombardi Pussy Trap, they can fall right in for nothing other than the sex. LOLOLOLOL....that level of sex will burn itself off quickly and then what will he do? If he had stayed with his wife and practiced with her, things would have gotten better all the time. Instead, with a Colleen Lombardi Pussy Trap, things have nowhere to go but down. I'd almost feel sorry for the bum if he wasn't so pathetically MALLEABLE.

Oh well, all's the better for Kelly...she's what you call a rare commodity. She's young and she doesn't have any children. She is not exactly in a bad situation here. Men who've waited until they're her age to get married usually have an established career and would love to find a woman their own age who has no children from a previous marriage. She'll be just fine once the devastation caused by that hideous Colleen Lombardi Pussy Trap has subsided (and it will subside). And then there's Jeff...poor, poor pitiful Jeff. No more (as Rick put it) "intense" sex. No more afternoon delight. Oh Jeff, as they say here in the South, there will just plumb be no more.

Good night,



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please maintain my anonymouty. I could be Jeff. I had an affair with a real sex tiger and eventually left my wife and married the tiger. Within the first 6 months of our marriage the sex had dwindled to nothing more than an occasionally quickie. Jeff should think twice before leaving his wife.

Your observations are right on target. How did you learn to read people so well?

August 09, 2006  
Blogger Kuntry Konfession said...

men weak? the gurl getting the freak on? as much as it is "easier" to believe so, i still think your are responsible for your own ass. you weaken yourself-not others (less it's abuse which in other case is another tangent).if you want "other" meals, then by gawd, be open and honest with yourself and wife/husband...discuss open relationship etc....before infidility. even if things don't go well after.....there's enough bs in this world, why be one?
it takes TWO to tango!

August 09, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

I didn't ever mean to imply that all men were weak and that some women couldn't be as weak as the worst of the men. I usually talk about men because that's my situation. But, I fully admit that most men are kind and decent people and that there are evil women as well as kind and decent women.

I have to say that every so often so that men don't think I'm bashing them. I adore men...I had to say that quickly after I began this blog because there were so many men who thought that I was one of those Lifetime type man hating women. Here is the link to the first post I wrote defending men:


August 09, 2006  

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