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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dear Meg,

"...a real relationship between us would be unlikely because I meet neither the minimum height nor weight requirements...."

Well, I have been seeing a guy lately who is only 5'9" tall and he is more of a man than the 6'2" fool that I married. So, I may be rethinking those requirements. (Besides...I think that Rick was only 6'1"...he added an ego inch for himself like he promoted himself to Corporal when we were dating. He never made it past Private.)

My first two husbands were both short and violent. I used to think that I had discovered the "Short Man's Syndrome" until I heard of the Napolean Complex. So, I figured that I should stay away from short men if I didn't want to get hit. Well, obviously, height has nothing to do with a man being violent. It has more to do with his self esteem and the way he was raised. So, I am...for the time being anyway, going to base my choice of dates on other things.

One thing that is of utmost importance is a sense of humor. I find that the brighter a guy is, the more likely he is to have a decent sense of humor. Obviously, I don't want to date anymore morons...they're no fun at all.

Of course, they are good for a laugh, especially when you have one dumb enough to call Pensascola "Pepsi-Cola" and Philadelphia "Philadelthia". Rick never read a book in his entire life. I can vouch for the 25 years that I knew him and I'm guessing about the rest of the time. If he had read things, he would know something about spelling and pronounciation but since he was raised in a relatively trashy environment and surrounded by uneducated street people, he never learned any better.

I used to feel sorry for him because of those things but I finally figured out that he was truly one of them and that it's where he wanted to be so I can't feel too badly for him anymore. Of course it eventually dawned on me that he was manipulative enough to know how to make women feel sorry for him. I never gave him that much credit before. How could such a moron be so good at manipulation? Then I figured out the difference between bright and devious. A person doesn't have to be dreadfully bright to be devious.

I'd much rather have a bright short man than a devious tall man. And when I dated a guy who played for the Bears, the Bears acquired a new quarterback who was only 5'9" tall. I believe his name was Doug Flutey. If a guy that short can play quarterback for the Bears...he must be tall enough.

I'm beginning to itch from the sunburn that I got last week at the beach. I guess that means that I'll be peeling soon. The one bit of color that I get and it will only last a few days. I am the whitest white woman that you'll ever see. I never get a tan...I just burn and peel. Oh! I did get freckles again. I do freckle a lot when I got out in the sun. This time I even freckled on my legs. I never did that before. I always freckle on my face and back, but never my legs. Now, my arms and legs are totally freckled.

Did you ever say a word so many times that it doesn't sound like a real word? Well, I've just said freckle so many times that it doesn't sound real. Is it? I think so. Real or not, I'm covered with them.

Oh...I have the cord that I need to upload the pictures from the beach. Now all I have to do is figure out how to upload them to the computer. I think I'll do that now. After I figure that out, I'll post the pictures on the blog. Let me try that and I'll be back in a while.

See ya!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

so is that why you left rick? or was it because he cheated on you?

August 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must say, first, that I am new at this. However, that having been said, I have found the las few days (since I started readdding your blog) quite informative. I cannot begin to imagine that there are men out there that act the way your ex did/does. What I can say is that it must be education that is the determining factor in how a man treats anyone, let alone a woman. See, I was always taught to treat a woman the way you would want your monther treated in the same situation (with suitable, consentua exceptions!). Thats how I was taught, and thats how I live my life.

August 01, 2006  

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