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Monday, April 28, 2008

I think my house is going to burn down...

...and it's all because of the light fixture that my ex fixed a few years ago. I would think that it had something to do with how he fixed it although the fact that it just started acting all fouled up would tend to exonerate the man. I do understand that. But, if you don't mind, I would rather blame my ex husband for whatever I can and I can make a case for placing blame in this situation.

I submit to you the following argument that should back up my case. The lights in the kitchen are occasionally flickering on and off indicating a problem with the wiring...I would think. And Rick would fix something he had never seen before rather than paying someone to come over and do it. The basic fixture change should be relatively easy. I would think it's at least as simple and the thermostat and I did replace one of those at my dad's house. The only problem with the light fixture is that you have to stand on something with your arms up in the air while you work.

I hate that...I have this hideous fear of falling and breaking a hip or something stupid like that. But I do climb up on the counters and walk around when I'm looking for something. That's a bit scary...I hold on to the cabinets and one of these days the cabinet will fail and I'll do down like a ton of bricks. Well, like 120 pounds of bricks anyway. And if you dropped a few bricks from counter height, you could break one. If a brick would break, you know that a person will as well. Especially one so klutzy as myself.

I seem to have broken more than my fair share of bones. I know people who have NEVER broken a bone. I've broken 5. A vertebrae, a wrist, a leg and a foot. I'm not even counting fingers and toes because they DON'T count and you never know for sure because no one goes to the hospital for a broken toe so you don't have x-ray proof of it when they break. The only time I knew for sure was when I went in for a broken arm and the doctor asked if anything else hurt. So, incidentally I did find out that my toe was broken so I know what a broken toe looks and feels like and I'm sure I've had a few others.

Oh, when the doctor told me that the toe was broken, he said that it was broken almost clean across the part where the toe meets the foot. It was a baby toe. He said that the bone could easily come apart and I needed surgery to have a pin placed in my toe. My response took him aback a bit, I said, "How much less is an amputation?"

Some things are just not worth fixing and a baby toe is one of those things.

Anyway, I was talking about walking on the kitchen counters. That's stupid. But even though I know it IS a stupid thing to do, I'll do it again the next time I have to get into one of those cabinets because look how high they are:

You know...I think I'm going to go out and practice shooting pool tonight. It's Monday so no place will be too crowded and tomorrow night the new season for the pool league will start. I will probably miss next week because of the service for Jean and then I know I'll miss a week in May because of a trip I'm taking to Virginia. The more I think about it, the more it occurs to me that I don't have to wait until tonight...I can just go out now. Yeah...I think I'll do that.

That way I'll be home by night time. I'm too old to be hanging out at bars in after dark. It's OK if I'm with my team or a friend, but when I'm alone, the best thing to do is to go during the day so I will. I say I'm too old because it's just occurred to me that, starting tomorrow, I'll be able to say, "I'll be 50 next month."

Tomorrow I'll begin my Countdown to Fifty-Half of a Century Old.

I just can't wait. So, tomorrow I'll be in my countdown so today I need to have fun...it's sort of my last chance. They say that life begins at 40 and that 5o is the new 40 so maybe something good will happen to me soon! According to a recent email that I received, that should happen because I sent it to enough people to qualify for one free wish. I'll let you know when my wish is fulfilled!!!

OMG! Talk about digressing! I was arguing why it was Rick's fault that my house may burn down and I never finished that! OK then, he was the last person to tamper with the wires and if he did it properly, I shouldn't ever have a problem...you can live in houses for years without having something like this happen. I've never had it happen before and I've lived in houses much older than this one.

Why else would the kitchen lights flicker? They only do it occasionally.

I just thought of something...squirrels. I had squirrels in the attic! Do you suppose that they could have chewed on the wires? I don't even know if a rodent in the attic would have any access to the wires but I know that my brothers found a squirrel that had fried itself in our backyard sometime in the 70's. So, I know that they do chew on wires. OK then...crap. Maybe Rick isn't to blame for this. I'll find something...of that you can be sure!!!


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