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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Two of the fish...

...that I have are called glo fish. I didn't know that before, I didn't know anything about them...only that they were pretty fish that I saw at the pet store. I wanted the pink one but they only had one left and the guy said that it was the "display fish" so he couldn't sell it. It was there to advertise things that they don't have. So, I bought the stupid orange one.

Then, the last time that I went to the pet store, they had the pink fish so I finally bought one. I wanted to get the green and yellow as well but I couldn't find them. In order to look online, I needed to find out the name and since I noticed the pregnant one, I wanted to find out what they were today. I had forgotten what the sales dude called them.

I only had to search for a few minutes before I found them...here's a picture of the different colors:

So, I learned the name. I also learned that these are genetically engineered fish that have sparked controversy all over the world according to some dude named "mike" who posted this at Blogiversity.org:

"...While they were essentially "created" in a lab, theoretically only their color has been altered...I have all three colors of these fish, and they really brighten up the tank. It's also a lot of fun to turn off the lights and watch them glow under a blacklight...There is actually a lot of controversy as to the ethics of these fish...I believe they are already illegal in California and perhaps other states will follow suit..While the fish themselves are the ones copying themselves, deliberately breeding and selling them without a license is prohibited. They are chemically sterilized before being sold, but some get by without losing their fertility. As they said in Jurassic Park, Life will find a way..."

Well, life DID find a way here because shortly after I bought the pink glo fish, it became pregnant by the orange male. I have no idea how long it takes for them to have their babies, and even if I did, I don't know when the thing got knocked up. Apparently fish sex is about as quick as sex was during my marriage so it's tough to catch them in the act. Anyway, if these fish are supposed to be sterilized before being sold, how come BOTH of mine were able to do their jobs when it came to creating little glo fish? So far, 100% of the glo fish that I've bought have been quite the fertile little fuckers...no pun intended.

I wonder what this means? I suppose I can look up some more info online and I'm sure that I will. I had no idea that genetically altered creatures were allowed out of a laboratory. Anyway, I have some now and if all goes well, I'll have some more soon. I wonder what color I'll get by mixing a pink genetically altered fish with an orange genetically altered fish? Hell, I wonder what species I'll get!

Anyway, I fed Payton a few minutes ago and I took pictures of his food for you. Isn't that sweet of me? I always give him at least two eggs a week...I used to mix raw eggs up in his dog food but he didn't seem to like it served that way. He DOES seem to like people food so since people cook their eggs (usually) I thought that I'd cook Payton's eggs. I only do it on the weekends so that's why I just did it...it's the weekend!

Anyway, I made him a KABACCO, pronounced just like it's spelled. KABACCO stands for Kibbles and Bits and cheddar cheese omelet. Here's what one looks like:

And just in case you can't tell what they are...here's a close up:

See those kibbles? See those bits? You'll have to trust me on the cheddar cheese. Anyway, I served it with a side of Alpo instead of corned beef hash.

Now I have to feed the cats. They're getting mackerel which was actually cheaper than most cat food. They prefer tuna but I don't have any.

It's been quite a fishy day here. I woke up to two baby fish, one expected and the other a complete surprise. I need to get a breeding net because I know those fish both birthed more than one fish...but only one from each mother survived. Then, in the early evening I learned that I have mutant fish. Ain't life interesting?

I wonder what would happen if some irresponsible fish owner should release these into the wild? I read that some salmon have just about killed off another species of salmon because the first group was genetically altered to survive lower temperatures and grow 5 times as fast as the second species. We seem to be screwing with the balance that nature intended. Of course, my fish are simply one breed with one particular gene altered, the one that causes the colors to be so bright. I would THINK that they would get eaten quickly since they're SO bright.

At Blogiversity.org "mike" commented that:

"...Personally I see them as just a sub species of another species of fish, not a creation of man. I think they are no different than people breeding Poodles and Great Danes. Dogs with mutations deemed as desirable traits were bred to keep these traits. With Glo-Fish ®, they just took a massive shortcut to force the exact mutation they were going for through the DNA..."

What do you think?

Should pet stores should be allowed to sell genetically altered pets as easily as they sell natural pets?
Sure, why not?
Yeah but the sales should be monitored.
No, not under any circumstances!
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PS I just read that these fish are egg layers so the female is just gravid with eggs. I'll find out if the male fertilizes them later and I guess I'll find out whether or not they really are sterile...at this point I don't know! I also read that these are THE most controversial fish in the entire hobby. YIKES!!!


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