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Sunday, April 27, 2008


I just noticed...

...two baby fish in my freshwater tank. One of them is a white molly and the mother is still HUGE full of more babies. I don't know when the baby was born or why the mother isn't releasing the rest of them. The other baby is not a molly. I didn't know anyone else was pregnant in there. I have one of my pretty pink fish that's getting pretty big, but this baby wasn't pink. It wasn't white either. I'm starting to think that one of the fancy guppies had a baby I didn't know about because I was so busy watching the other two.

The two babies stay together, they're so tiny that I'm surprised I even saw them. One is maybe 3 mm. and the other maybe 3.5 mm. They're different colors, sizes and shapes. So they certainly aren't siblings but they do seem to hang out next to each other.

I wish my damn digital camera worked because these things are so cool! Tiny fish that are perfect little replicas of the parents...they're so much fun to watch. I'm going to look up some information on breeding the fish, I've bred mollys before but never fancy guppies so I need to figure out what I should do.



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