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Saturday, April 26, 2008


...I've been being lazy all morning. So far this is the most productive thing that I've done all day. I think I'd like to cook a nice dinner but it's sort of silly to do that for yourself. I still have some cookies that I baked the week before last so I hesitate to bake a lasagna or something else great for a crowd but silly for one person.

I do have to eat though so I should have bought a bunch of Hot Pockets or something like that. Right now my choices are limited to pot roast, skirt steak and a 5 pound chicken. Of course the cabinets are full of easy kid stuff but I'm not in the mood for Beefaroni. After finding Rick's receipt from dinner with his hoe (I'm not sure of the correct spelling of street slang but you know what I mean), I don't want to order Chinese and I've had McDonald's too much this week already. Payton loves the double cheeseburgers so I take him there every so often. I think I've taken him once too many times because now he barks when he sees a McDonald's sign from the car. Personally, I prefer Burger King but Payton likes McDonald's and it's quite close so I just take him there.

Crap, I might as well go back to the grocery store and buy some easy to fix stuff. Doesn't my day sound exciting? I shouldn't expect much after last night. Someone has been begging me to watch this "great" movie so last night I finally did and it was the dumbest movie I've ever seen.

I read the back of the box and it said something about aliens taking over people in a small town and I knew then that this movie would either be really, really good or really, really bad. If it had been good, I would have heard of it so I was truly bored to even watch it in the first place but I did. It was called PuppetMaster and had little reptilian looking space monsters, zombies and totally STUPID characters. It made me think of Rick during the entire movie. That's because he had this amazing knack for going out to rent movies only to bring back the worst movie that Blockbuster could possible put on it's shelves.

I haven't seen such a rotten movie since the last movie Rick rented. If anyone ever tells you to watch that movie...run quickly away. The fact that they had little reptilian space monsters should be a big red flag...Alien is the only movie that ever got away with that. Anyway, don't watch the movie.

I would love to watch a good movie but I should probably get dressed and leave the house for a while. There's a dog park not far from here and I'm gonna take Payton over there to play with the neighborhood dogs. He likes that more than he likes the battlefield. I guess it's because of all the other dogs...they're all off of leashes and most of them are pretty good with other dogs. It's fun watching them run up to each other when they see a dog they've already met. It's a lot of fun and I'd leave right now if I weren't still in my jammies.

The other morning when Walgreen's called to say by blood pressure medicine was ready, I just ran out in jammy bottoms and a t-shirt. That should have been safe because I was just going to the drive-thru. But the lady in the window dropped my card so I had to A. climb over Payton to get out the passenger door because the driver's door is broken...and B. do so in my pajamas. Walgreen's is on a very busy street and I felt like an idiot. I worry about getting in a wreck but I never think about someone dropping my credit card outside my car. I should really buy some better jammies.

Oh well, one way or another, I should shower, get dressed and primp. Then I can do whatever I want to do. Until then, I'm a pajama slave.



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