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Monday, April 21, 2008

Here are two of my buddies...

...hanging out at my feet. They're so sweet. All those yahoos who said that I would never be able to control such a big dog were wrong. I control him quite well. When he walks to the back yard to be stuck outside for some transgression, he doesn't even try to run off...he just heads right to the gate. I would hate to have animals who liked to escape. I'd go nuts every time they took off...judging by how I reacted when Stewie was gone all day. (That's Stewie in the picture with Payton.)

The grandkids were here all weekend and I totally enjoyed them. I spent too much money on them but it's tough to say "No." to their little faces. Besides getting the toys for the kids, a BUNCH of winter clothes were on clearance with prices so cheap that it was an offer that I could not refuse.

And then I found some towels and washcloths on sale that were just the perfect color for my bathroom which I am in the process of redecorating. I had put it off because the wall had so many imperfections and I didn't know what was behind the wallpaper. Then I thought up a really good idea...I'll just get a trowel and apply some sort of adobe looking pattern that I can paint over. Any imperfections would be totally hidden by the glop that I'd put on the walls. So, now I can't wait to get the job done. I've chosen my colors...a pale dusty rose and white. That is to continue the theme of my entire bedroom.

I've created a bedroom that is exactly the kind of room that I would love. I haven't been able to have a room like that because there was always a man around saying, "That looks too girly...AND NO FLOWERS...ANYWHERE!" So, my room is entirely girly and includes flowers EVERYWHERE!!! From the oil paintings to the contact paper lining my drawers...you'll see flowers, flowers and more flowers. And, where you don't see flowers, you see butterflies. My goal was to create a room that a man wouldn't want to spend too much time in. They'll come in for as long as I let them...but then they have to leave when I'm done with them.

Here is my flowerdy room:

And my view from the bed:

See my lantern? I light it everynight when I watch TV before I fall asleep. Between that and the red light bulbs in the fan as well as both bedside lamps, the room has quite the bordello look to it. I do have one light that I use when I need to see...one of those clamp on lights that you can move and point anywhere you want to have light. But I find that I rarely have a need for bright lights in the bedroom. I like the pink glow in my pretty room.

Anyway, my point was that I spent money that I hadn't expected to spend. And my granddaughter is NOT a cheap kid. She's like me...everything she looks at has a RIDICULOUS price tag on it. In my case I can easily walk away, that little girl hasn't learned to walk away yet, at least not without pouting. I had to convince her that the box filled with fake nails, glitter and lots of nail decorations that had a picture of the Bratz on it could be purchased for a fraction of the price in the nail section without paying 25 bucks for the Bratz picture. That was tough...but I pulled it off.

Oh, what I had planned on saying was that after the kids left, everyone else left as well. So, I've been completely, peacefully and quietly alone in my own home for close to 20 hours. But I just answered the phone which was, in hindsight...a stupid thing to do. My alone time will be coming to an end very soon. Ain't that a bitch?

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I've finally gotten to the point where I enjoy living alone. I couldn't imagine letting someone come into my life and screw things up. The first thing I'd have to do is redecorate the bedroom again and I really haven't even finished it my way yet. I still have walls that need something and who can have too many pretty sheets and quilts? Not I. I wouldn't mind doing a room up all manly style...but it should be a different room. After a lifetime of wanting a pretty bedroom, I'm going to enjoy mine for a while.

Actually, I haven't REALLY been enjoying it for quite a while now. I haven't had anyone in there in months. It's getting sad...I'm back to being celibate without the intention to be celibate. I just am celibate for lack of decent prospects. Besides, getting laid is easy...just lower your standards and you'll get "lucky". I refuse to lower my standards anymore. I'd rather stay single and sleep alone in my pretty, pretty bedroom.

When I finish the bathroom, it will be perfect! I can't wait!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One big hug and kiss on the forehead for Payton and many small pecks of kisses for Stewi on his face! :) :)

Solaris (can't log in lol)

April 23, 2008  

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