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Friday, September 04, 2009

You know...

...one of these days I'm going to learn to appreciate bad luck because I'm becoming so familiar with it. So far this week, 2 different plans to get to LA were nixed and this morning I'm back at square one. Remind me to show you my square one, it's perfect for Grauman's Chinese Theater. Like the Colorado River, my constant presence on square one has had quite a formative effect.

So, I started mowing my lawn yesterday. The other morning as I was picking up sticks and pine cones, I noticed a Morning Glory in full bloom, growing smack dab in the middle of my backyard, I decided to come back and get the beautiful vine and transplant it near my fence. I didn't want to mow the thing down so yesterday I went to mark it with a stick but it was after 5 PM and I'm as blind as a bat so I couldn't find the sucker.

I decided to mow a large circle around the general area and then go back this morning to find my pretty flower. I live amongst countless Southern eyeballs so I know they wonder about my strange lawnmowing activities. After I mowed outside of the large circle in my yard, I figured out that I could use the mower to sort of "blow" the pine needles, cones and dead leaves off of my back driveway. So, I spent well over a half an hour mowing the drive, trying to keep the mower to the left of the mess. You wouldn't think that would be such a huge chore but lawnmowers have some unpredictable wind patterns and a pile of crap might get blown to the left. I've gotten about four fifths of the driveway mowed. I was forced to stop by darkness and the most recent bout with night has ended so I think I'll go mow the sidewalk now.



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