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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

/ is the symbol between paragraphs

First of all... ...I don't know why this dumb blog is not indenting paragraphs, I don't know why the font is big and I give up trying to fix it. Secondly, at the risk of making Jeanna giggle again, I have to tell you about my nose and my right ear. /You know how when you have a cold and you blow your nose a lot...your nose gets all dry and scaly? Well, the tip of my nose has done that but I haven't had a cold nor has my nose been running. Travel around my head a bit to my right ear and you'll find something similar going on at the bottom of my ear canal. The ear isn't exactly the same, that sucker hurts. Also, I'm not in the habit of picking my nose and ear at the same time so I can't see myself spreading the hideous affliction from one place to the other. (But just in case, I am not scratching my ass anymore.) /I pointed my nose out to my friend who told me that, "It looks like the fungus on my daughter's finger." Her daughter's finger has been fungoid for 6 years as a fungus is difficult to get rid of. /Now, fungus of the nose is exactly the type of thing that I would get...my luck runs like that. I've been walking around for the last week with the tip of my nose all red and scaly. And no, I have not left the house like that. /If dating has been rare of late, can you imagine what a diseased nose would do to any prospects of making out? Isn't it odd how man will sleep with you without checking out south of the border, but let a little nose rash pop up and they treat you like a leper? I'll never figure out those testosterone induced humans. /Anyway, yesterday I decided to look for some Desitin to apply to my nose. I thought I'd sport a bit of a lifeguard look. But, before I found the Desitin, I found an algae cream that promised the world. So, I applied it to the tip of my nose. That seems reasonable until you remember that algae is green. That's what you want hanging off of your nose, green gook. /My green nose tip and I spent the day together and when I woke up this morning, most of my nose was healed so I guess I have to spend another green day. I'm trying to avoid shoving that crap in my ear but if my nose is cleared up tomorrow, I'll give in and walk around with green dripping out of my ear.


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