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Friday, December 02, 2011

Today I found out...

...that CreepyDude knows how to get here and read what I wrote. I asked if anything was "untrue" and he had to admit that nothing I had written was false. So, now I know he found my little rant rag. After a bit of thought, I decided not to let his discovery color what I write here. So, on with the latest report of his actions that leave me jaw dropped and head shaking.

I walked away (to be more accurate, I RAN away) from him recently after I tried to leave his place and he refused to allow me egress so I did the best thing I could think of at the moment, I shouted for help and ran out the back door before he could stop me. Now, most people would take that as a hint that perhaps a relationship is souring a tad. Not CreepyDude...he saw that as a "snag in the relationship".

Before I continue, let me say that I had considered the fact that I would look like a jack-ass for participating in this odd behavior. I thought that perhaps I should keep it all to myself and never admit to any of this. But, then it occurred to me that I've admitted to other stupid stuff so what the heck...perhaps someone will learn something from my antics. So, here it is.

A snag can be fixed and CreepyDude is attempting to fix this one. After I escaped he left me alone for a short time and then he began his efforts to de-snag our relationship. His first efforts were reruns...he waited until my father left and tried calling in an attempt to catch me alone. Thanking the tech gods for caller ID, I easily avoided those annoying tidbits. So, he came up with a better idea. This morning he stopped outside of the condo, honked his horn, shouted my name and basically embarrassed me immensely but I couldn't let that work for him lest he begin doing it on a regular basis.

I got myself dressed and went into the kitchen where my father and I were having a lovely chat when CreepyDude came up and knocked on my door. He caught me off guard and my first reaction was to leave my father to deal with him alone but I quickly decided that Dear Old Dad had done nothing to deserve that so I opened the door myself and quickly walked outside to lessen the effect on my innocent father. CreepyDude wanted to "talk" so I said, "Go ahead and talk."

That wasn't good enough for him, he wanted me to go to his place and chat there. I told him that I wasn't in the mood to be kidnapped and that I had things to do. That's true, I told my dad I would dismantle his screen door and clean it. But, I knew that I had escaped his place so quickly that I left a few things over there so I had to go get them anyway. That's how I ended up back at the scene of the crime.

Once I got there, he began to argue his case. He lacks the self confidence that is required of one who wants to be cared about for himself alone so he feels the need to ply me with things that he thinks I (or any other woman) would want. This is not new, he has promised me a car in the past but all I want is the freedom to walk out the door, barring that a car is useless to me. What was new was his offer. I'm paraphrasing somewhat here, but the point (and most of the words) are accurate:

He: The other day my mother's nurse took her blood pressure and it was 150/130 so he called the doctor to find out what he should do. You know, my parents won't be around much longer. When they go I'll be left with their condo, my condo and 3 cars. I need someone to help me spend the money.

Now, it's true that his parents are old (89 and 90) but they are lovely people and despite the spike in blood pressure, they could potentially be around for a good while. Of course, even if they died tomorrow, I wouldn't behave like a vulture, circling around waiting for their financial carrion.

Next he told me that he wanted to marry me so that "everything will be mine". Now, it IS true that I have been known to say that my next husband will be rich and extremely close to death, but "rich" is a relative term and "extremely" is the operative word in that phrase. I can't imagine how much cash it would take to get me to marry a man who is still walking and driving around town. I suppose if the man were somewhat pleasant, I might be able to wait a while for his demise. But, that is NOT the case here. Besides, this is just the type of person who would get me disinherited from every will I may or may not be in on my own.

Well, I did get out of that conversation with my belongings and my freedom but I am sure that I have not heard the last of CreepyDude so stay tuned.


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