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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cheryl Selesky is an idiot.

Ms. Selesky is one of those nit wits who is always right, no matter who may be harmed while she's being right. And the scary thing is, she works with children.

When I was a kid I suffered from really bad  headaches. When I had one in school, I would go to the nurse who would give me an aspirin and let me lie down for a while until the headache abated. Nurses can't do that anymore unless they have a signed note from a parent. So now, the school CAN'T give you an aspirin, but they CAN give you birth control without notifying parents. OK. I can adjust, after all, my kids are all out of school.

But when a young man suffered an asthma attack...AFTER having his belongings searched a la the USSR he came close to death from an asthma attack. During the search, the searchers found his asthma medicine. Unfortunately, he was going into an asthma attack and he asked if he could have a puff of  his rescue inhaler. Not only was he denied his medicine, he was also left to wheeze until he turned blue without anyone calling 911. Inability to breathe is one of the most frightening things a human being can experience but the young man was allowed to suffer in a most inhumane way.

As a nurse, I understand that you need a doctor's order before you give someone any medicine. But, if a patient were to be in a life threatening situation, I think most people would cut you some slack if you saved the patient's life. But if there was no way to do that, I would certainly call for a rapid response team or some such potentially helpful person or persons.

All the school here did was call the mother who said she HAD sent the proper paperwork but the school couldn't find it. So, Michael Rudi's mother went to the school only to find her son blue and collapsed behind a closed door.

I could almost tolerate this if the school idiots had shown any type of concern or regret over the situation but Cheryl Selesky chose another path. She put all of the blame on the mother. I don't know if the mother  really did fill out the paperwork, but I do know that it doesn't take a medical genius to know that a blue kid needs emergency medical care.

Michael is 17 years old, months away from a time when he will be able to fight for his country. Next year he can walk around with a gun if he wants to...but this year he can't be trusted to save his own life. And they didn't even give him a bag of condoms after his collapse.


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June 06, 2012  

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