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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

How Do I Know You're a Racist?

Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with your political views. I can't tell much from your total disagreement with everything our President says...but, I can tell you're a racist because when you do disagree with Obama, you refer to him as a darky, n****r or  jig-a-boo.

I know you're a racist because if you haven't pegged a person as WASPy, you are sure to guess at their race...and to do so in a rather derogatory manner.

I know you're a racist because when you are around a person of African descent, you suddenly refer to jewelry as "bling" and you have to mention that you take delight in eating ribs and watermelon. I feel like an idiot when I'm present for one of your black ass-kissing episodes.

I see your racism when you refer to ALL Hispanics as "Porko-Ricans". You are too stupid to even consider my own family which is blended with Hispanics from all sorts of countries and includes my precious grandson.

I know that you are behaving in a racist manner when you present with that folksy old-fashioned racism that people of your generation claim is shared by "blacks of your age". I've never noticed a black person who looks back on 1940 era civil rights conditions with fondness.

I know that you're an inconsiderate racist when I explain to you how the "N" word and certain other words are very offensive to me, no matter who says them. Nor does the context affect my aversion to hearing those words. When I try to explain that you are offending ME...you simply offer an excuse and then you're off on another offensive tangent.

I know that you're a racist because when you get mad and want to be a great big dick, you call me a "n***r lover".

You actually accused me of "laying down with blacks". I'm looking around for Boo Radley when I see you.

FYI, just because I'm white, please don't think that I've tossed everything I learned in the '60's aside. I'm not a racist and most white people I meet aren't any more racist than I am. I'll be back because either I'll remember more of  your racist behavior or you will give me another paragraph...I have faith in that.


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