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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I would have told you this yesterday...

...but yesterday was a rotten day. Not for me and my psyche...but for Walt and his. I woke up knowing that I had certain things that had to be done before I leave Wednesday. I got up early and waited for Walt to wake up. He usually wakes up before I do and if he's still in bed when I get up, he'll jump up as soon as he hears me just to be sure I'm not doing anything crazy like talking to someone or getting dressed. For some reason, yesterday he stayed asleep so I waited for 2 hours for him to get up. After it got close to 10 AM, I was getting anxious because I needed to get started. I did what I could by myself, like shower and get a few things together but eventually I just had to wake him up because I needed to get into that room to get my dirty laundry to wash so that I could pack.

If I waited just ONE MORE DAY, I couldn't be sure of getting ANYTHING taken care of. Waking him up was stupid, he spent more time bitching about that than it would have taken me to do laundry. When he calmed down and made his usual excuses for being a dick in the morning, "Just wait for me to have a cup of coffee.", I told him that I had things to do. He said that I couldn't leave with dishes in the sink so I did the dishes. Then I did a few other things that he wanted me to do and eventually he had to leave to take his father's car to the shop because the old man drove it into the gate at the entrance of the community. When he came back, he found me getting my laundry together. The community washers were changed from coin operated to pre-paid card operated and I didn't have the card. He said his wouldn't work and he wasn't going to get a new one because "It's a sham." Sham or not, those cards got the job done. I couldn't get one because I don't own a place there so I waited for him to get back. Before he left he said he would figure something out for me when he got back. All he offered when he got back was HIS dirty laundry. I didn't have time for that, I wanted to wash 2 loads and pack. He was making it difficult at every turn.

When he got back and found me doing things that didn't include him, he became annoyed again. I tried to tell him reasonably that I needed to get things done but he insisted that I was acting "differently" since he got back. To him, that usually means that I must have spoken to someone or some other dumb ass thing. But nothing happened, I just had to get stuff done. His father's companion said that I could bring some stuff over to the dad's place so I did. I spoke to the lady for a while and tried to explain to her what was going on. I have to be careful over there because those people only know what Walter has told them about me and I certainly know what he told me about THEM...so I didn't know what to expect. Luckily, that lady was normal and she tried to help me. The father's companion is bright enough to figure out what's going on.

I told Walt that I was going to just get my stuff together and go to a motel unless he stopped driving me insane and naturally, he didn't. He spent most of the afternoon trying to get me to tell him what happened between the time he left and the time he got back. Nothing happened, I just was getting to the time when I would just have to leave and do everything alone or stay and hope that he helped me leave. I couldn't calm him down and I kept thinking about how women get killed as they leave this type of situation so I got scared and smart at the same time. When I had one suitcase packed (along with a bag for my toiletries, my medicines and my computer), I gave up and called a taxi.

Before I left, I took 2 xanax (which I never do) because I knew this was going to be hard. He harassed me the entire time so I just kept my phone in my hand, ready to dial 911. I had to do that until I just went outside and sat down with my stuff. It took a while but eventually the cab came. When it did, I put my stuff in the back and while I was doing that, Walter started being a dick and throwing the rest of my stuff at the cab. He had crammed some of my stuff into my other suitcase and was trying to get the cab to leave with all of that stuff. I couldn't drag more than suitcase because I had packed that one so much it was already too heavy for me.

Anyway, I got in the cab, told the guy what was happening and that I needed to go to a motel. He took me to one and I checked in and plugged in my computer and phone. Then, I walked across the street to get something to eat. I came back, ate the food and that's when the xanax hit me. I just stretched out on the bed, still dressed, and fell asleep.

This morning I woke up wondering where my dog was. I was reaching around for him when I looked around and realized where I was. I had an immediate flush of fright for a moment so I took a half a xanax and the rest of my medicine and brushed my teeth. Then, I decided to let you guys know what was going on...so here you go!

I'm out, I'm safe and I'm leaving town. There's so much more going on that you all need to know about but right now I have to take a shower so that I can be dressed before 8 to start doing the things I need to do. This is just the beginning of a huge mess but it's also the ending of my imprisonment. OK? I had to spend almost every dime I had to get this far so things should get tougher for a while but I never heard of anyone dying because they didn't have any money. On the other hand, I've heard of a lot of people dying because they were in the presence of a lunatic.


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