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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

See the window above the office?

That's where I am. That window is open because it's rather nice here in Tampa. I don't know if it's open in the picture, but it's open now.

Today has been as a rather tentative roller coaster. The wise thing to do would probably be to grab hold of the controls. Of course, roller coasters don't usually leave you any control...that's what makes them scary.

NOW IT'S 3 AM.....Wednesday morning:

OK, it's now later than it was because my daughter called and I wanted to talk to her. Then, I went to sleep early because I knew that I had to wake up early. Last night I set the alarm clock, left a wake up call and had a friend call me too. I didn't want to take any chances. When I had to get up for work, I would set 4 alarm clocks and put them all around my room because I have a habit of turning them off and going back to sleep.

That didn't happen today. It only took 2 of the pre-set alarms to get me out of bed. I have to drink this coffee, take a shower and get ready to go. Then, I have to get to the airport early enough to deal with them and then I have to call my daughter to let her know I'm getting on the plane. Then, I'll get on the plane and fly to Denver. I have a layover there and then on to Los Angeles. So, most of the day I'll be on an airplane or in an airport. When I get to LA and settled, I'll hook up with you guys again and let you know how today went. I expect a bit of trouble at the airport but with any luck, I'll be flying out of here at around 8.

See ya on the other side of the country! God willing, it'll be today!


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