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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


...that was taxing. I am at the gate from which my plane will leave in about 2 hours. I had to be here this early to be sure I got over a hurdle. Actually, I've known about this issue for a while and suspected that it may pose a problem. I'm good now...but it could have gone either way.

I'm flying from one end of this fine nation of ours, a week after the Boston terrorists bombings...without an ID. I never told my daughter because I didn't want her to worry...and she WOULD have. So, kiddo, if you're reading this, I'm on my way. Even if you aren't reading this, I'm on my way.

I must say, navigating the security gauntlet of an international airport is a bitch. But, it wasn't really too bad either. I've known that I didn't have an ID since before I bought the ticket. I'm not in the mood for the entire ID story so I'll just tell you how they handle that situation.

First, I went to the ticket counter to get my boarding pass. I told the guy I had no ID and he asked me to show him what I DID have. I had the ID card issued to me by an organization that helps homeless people with mental illnesses so that I could avail myself of some county issued programs. Also, yesterday I got my Medicaid card in the mail so I had that. I had a few other things but at that point, he just gave me my pass and directed me to go upstairs. When I did, there was a small line at the entrance of the terminal. They were checking ID's against the boarding passes. Once again, they simply handed my back my cards and directed me to the huge TSA security check. This was going to be it.

I was going through everything until I showed the guy my ID and he said that I needed additional screening. First, I was patted down over every inch of my body. (Don't worry, "sensitive areas" are patted palm down and away from the body parts.) Then the chick took off her gloves and said that they tested positive for explosives residual. So, at that point they escorted me and my bus-pan full of stuff to a private screening room where I was patted down more aggressively. They dumped my stuff out and swabbed each piece with what looked to be an alcohol pad but obviously wasn't...it was just checking for residual crap.

You'll be pleased to know that the TSA has thoroughly searched me and my stuff so I am as safe as I can be until I get on the plane. I'm nervous but I'm leaning on the fact that I'm doing the right was.


Blogger Tundra Woman said...

Glad ya made it, Ms. Meg. I remember you mentioning something about the ins and outs of the ID mess as it relates to getting your birth certificate and the whole mess of what happens when you're staying in a shelter without a permanent addy etc.
The most important thing is you're *out* of the mess now.
Here's to new-and much better-adventures! ;)

April 24, 2013  
Blogger q1605 said...

At least you are making forward progress

April 24, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

OK...yes..I made forward progress today!

And yeah, the ID thing was a bitch. But...I just got to my daughter's place and my grandson just woke up. So, I'm going to spend this evening trying to get him to say something to me besides "No!" I'm happy and I'm gonna have fun!

To my friend in Canada...I wanted to come here before I went to the motel but my daughter has already checked me in and when I get over there, I'll email you! Chat soon!


April 24, 2013  

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