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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some stuff

Although far too many women understand the paralyzing nature of psychological abuse, it isn't something that translates into relevant testimony in a court of law. Even if I just came out and gave examples of Walter's psychological tactics, I would sound ridiculous saying things like:

1. He would never allow me the comfortable enjoyment of the bathroom. Obviously, if I had nothing to hide, I wouldn't need to lock the door. He would stand at the door and talk to me the entire time I was in the can. He always found an excuse to ask me some stupid question.

2. I wasn't allowed to go online because he would stand behind me and watch everything I did. How could I tell you what was going on if I couldn't be honest? I had to get through when I could.

3. He stole 2 grand from his father and then he let his father call the cops on ME. A year later I found proof of Walter's complicity in that false police report. Of course, he let his father file the report so he had a buffer.

4. He held my dog hostage when I misbehaved...which was constantly. To this day, he refuses to give my dog back to me. I've seen him drag my little dog away by the collar so hard and fast that my dog barked in pain.
5. He paid for my prescriptions and then doled my meds out to me as he saw fit.

6. He drove around the condo complex shouting "CUNT!" whenever he saw me while he was angry. Now, I'm the only person who knew he was screaming at me...everyone else just saw a crazy old man driving through the parking lot shouting obscene language out his driver's side window.

7. If half of the crazy stories he's made up are true, he out does Forrest Gump in importance to society and the Lord of the Rings in amazing adventures.

8. He refers to people as n****rs, Puerko Ricans and "lazy illegals". Then he shakes their hands and smiles quite charmingly when he meets them face to face.

9. He used lines like, "C'mon, I just need some relief.", "It'll only take 5 minutes." and the always challenging answering of the following exchange:

HE: Can we have sex?

ME: No.

HE: Why not?

I had never heard that one from any other man, ever.

10. He called doctors, hospitals, relatives and friends of mine just to say dreadful things about me in hopes of further isolating me from my entire life and controlling my access to medications.


Anonymous Rod said...

We're here. We hear!

June 18, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...


Nice to see you!

June 18, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the deposition didn't go your way?
Finding a lawyer that can think on his feet is hard. My opposition always seems to find quality council never me.

June 18, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I wouldn't say it didn't go my way...I think it just made it all too real for me. I'm not one to be in court all that much. It's all good. Now I know what she's capable of and I can't wait to meet her in court, with a judge.

June 18, 2013  

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