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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Whew...Happy Birthday To Me...

...yes it is and 55. I'm almost positive. I'm also pretty sure that it's 2013, Obama is President and that today is Saturday.

So far, I'm teetering but it's all good, I don't fall often. I'm overtapping my humility a bit lately and part of that had me requestiing assistance from a nice person who I wouldn't name. At one point, I began to think that my pleas were falling on deaf ears and the only thing I could think of (the truth was getting me NOWHERE!) was to show her my PayPal account and one particular post where I had compared the flophouse to the Taj Mahal. She read it, saw the donations that people had made and that did it. So, once again, you guys have helped me in ways I couldn't have forseen. When she saw the support that I had from you guys, she must have decided that you can't all be wrong...I must be worth it.

I owe you all a debt of gratitude that I can only hope to, some day, repay in some way.

Now, I'm gonna go find some water to stare at.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was in the hospital I got asked so many times who the president was I thought some cracker had gone to DC and capped Obama.

June 29, 2013  
Anonymous Wendy in Houston said...

I hope 55 proves to be a blessed year for you.. Happy Birthday!

June 29, 2013  
Blogger Corina said...

Happy Birthday! And many more!

June 29, 2013  

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