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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Wish I were in a fast car...

...listening to good driving music and the like. Hm...so yeah...I got a new computer. My daughter bought it for me so now I can talk again. I hate being stifled, especially in a verbal manner. I like my words and am happy when they amuse me.

So, it's getting a tad chilly here but Sunday was really hot so who knows what's going on with the weather. I think I can safely assume that Chicago is getting good and nippy at night. I usually had to wear a coat over my stupid Halloween costume which I only wore for the candy. I did a lot for candy back in the day. My cousin and I would get on the commuter trains and go to each stop along the way between our houses and we would end up at one house with a pillow case full of candy by lights out. Before we could pay for the train tickets we had to get to each other's house by going to the Itasca Baptist Church halfway between our houses. We'd each go to Friday night youth group and go home with the other (the church ran 2 buses, one went to her house, the other to mine. On Sunday morning, we'd go to church and then back home.) and we got free rides across the suburbs. I don't recall how the heck how we came up with that one but it sure did work...right up until we found boys worthy of spending time with. My hormones killed Barbie...I didn't put that doll down until I noticed boys. Then, I dropped her on her head and ran off into my hideous teen years. Talk about your angst ridden adolescent girls.

OK so I've been helping my daughter with her move to a bigger place...I hope that means another kid. I don't know why I would say that stuff except mom's just do. Edith Bunker did. I wear aprons, she and I have a frightening list of similarities. And another thing, where I once identified with Lucy, lately I've been empathizing with Ethel a lot more. That's weird but true. It sure is a head scratcher.

I know, I wanted to shout out another White Chick in the Hood tip. This one is actually good for anyone, anytime...but especially if you're in the hood, no one who wants your stuff wants to give you the time to think so never turn over ANYTHING until you've thought things through. You might have heard of a "fast talker", well that's why they talk fast...so you don't have time to think about what they're getting from you. Also, when driving a metro bus, do not EVER sit in the back. That's where the fast talkers sit. Just be careful...mh'kay? That also goes for politicians.

Well, I think I'll go play with my new puter. It's got that Windows 8 thing and it blows.


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