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Monday, May 29, 2006

I just finished cleaning...

...my spice cabinet out. I finally threw away some spices that I've had since the last millennium. They're so expensive and old spices are better than none at all so I've kept them. But I guess after about ten years, it's time to toss stuff out. It doesn't help matters that I only use one teaspoonful of allspice in a year so the bottles last for 68 years each.

I've really been throwing a lot of things away lately and finding that easier and easier to do over the last year. I've had to throw away things that I never thought I would have thrown out.

I've saved the dumbest stuff, like the twisty tie things from plastic bags, every salt and pepper set that I've ever stolen from a restaurant and a drawer full of condiments that have also come from restaurants. I always ask for a bunch of them so I have a drawer full. You name it, I have it. From Chik-Fil-A honey mustard to White Castle Duseldorf mustard, I have it all. I clean out a closet or cabinet here or there and each time, I toss out more stuff than I did the time before. I just get bored and I hate to see all the old junk in the places that I need emptied so I can use them for new junk.

I have cabinets in the kitchen that are higher than the cabinets that I use everyday because I can't reach them without standing up on the counter, which is what I do when I need to get up there. I need to put a garbage can next to the counter, climb up on there, and throw all of that junk away. I have odd cups, mugs and tumblers from every set that I've had over the past ten years. I don't know why I've kept it all, who would ever need two hundred mismatched glasses? If you do, by the way, let me know.

They're yours. I'm just looking forward to the extra storage space.

I'm still afraid to go up into my attic. I've asked my son to go up there and get my sewing machine down but he keeps on not doing it. I'm afraid to go up there because, as I've mentioned, there's something living up there. And, all I know about it is that it has teeth because I've seen the things that he's chewed up. So, some creature with teeth is up in my attic and I don't want to meet it. It's seems to be nocturnal and when you're lying in bed trying to think of what the thing making noises above you might be, you don't want to think of nocturnal animals. Bats and rodents come to mind and I get all freaked out.

I live such a boring life, for the most part. I have no one to talk to most of the time so I just keep myself busy doing stupid stuff like cleaning out closets and making pot holders. That reminds me, I have to get some more loops so that I can make more pot holders. I like to make patterns on them. I can do a lot of plaids and stripes. It's pretty fun, actually. Well, not so much fun as it is easy and you can use the pot holders for a very long time. You'd lose them before they wore out. I'm going to look to see if I can find individual colors so I can make them more to match my kitchen. I can usually do that with a couple of them but then I end up with a bunch of colors that match nothing in my kitchen. But, I weave those stupid pot holders anyway. I have a bunch of them in my kitchen. Far more than a normal person would need.

Well, it's bedtime and I'm wide awake. I think that I could stay wide awake for as long as I stayed up typing so I'm going to go and get all horizontal in my room and listen to the television. See you in the morning!



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