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Sunday, May 28, 2006


...it's been a long 24 hours. Two men and a bunch of popsickles later and I'm almost ready for bed. I wish I had thought about the two men thing sooner. I have two men buying me popsickles.

I happened to mention to both of them that I was eating lime popsickles at one time or another so they both buy me some when they come over. I'm beginning to build up quite a stash of them.

I've been watching Band of Brothers. That's a pretty good show. My father was in the 101rst so I called him to let him know that it was on. I got stuck speaking to his third wife from who he is now divorced but she has Alzheimer's so she is living with him and he's taking care of her. Every time I call and speak to her, we have the exact same conversation over again. I was telling her about the check I sent to her as repayment for a loan she gave me and she had totally forgotten about the loan. I felt pretty silly. I should have waited for her to call me before I sent her the money.

I got some ribs to bar-b-que tomorrow so I'm going to start marinating them now. They should be good by tomorrow. I LOVE ribs made well. I hope that I can make them well with the grill. Usually I'll cook them for hours in the oven but I can't do that with the oven stuck on broil.

OMG! My son just called and said that someone robbed his car keys from him but from the way he sounded, I think that someone TOOK them from him and I have to go get him ASAP. There's one small problem, I can't drive. So, I've called a friend and I'm getting a ride to Woodstock, a town about 2 or 3 towns over. I'm waiting for my friend to get here...now I have to change out of my jammies and put some clothes back on. I'll be back later.



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