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Friday, May 26, 2006

This is the email...

...that I received in response to my fake reply to the Nigerian con men or women:

You are advised to contact the director of foreign operations department in GULF BANK OF NIGERIA PLC for immediate remittance of the sum of US$10,200,000.00 into your bank account. The contact information is listed below. CONTACT PERSON: DR. PHILIP BRIGHTPHONE NUMBER: 234-1-7768694FAX NUMBER: 234-1-7595666EMAIL: foreignoperationsdept@gulfbanknigeria.org WEBSITE: www.gulfbanknigeria.org Please contact the person in charge of your payment and your funds will be transferred within 48 hours.

Here is my current response:

I do not want to make any phone calls from my work phone so could you please call me at 404-679-9000, I would be so appreciative. Just ask for Sting Yu. As I stated in my earlier email, I will be leaving the country soon. I will head for Nigeria first and if need be, I'll pick my check up at the bank. I have printed out the email and will bring it to the bank in Nigeria if you can't call me. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


OK then...last night at the alcoholic class, the guy who leads the thing said something that I thought was very good. He quoted someone and I've forgotten most of the quote but the part that I liked was, "Wisdom is the acceptance of the truth....not a collection of knowledge." That's quite true. No one can be wise at all if they can't see things for what they are and adjust accordingly. Most of the nit wits that I know are in deep denial about one thing or another and they see things the way they need to see them to continue the same stupid behavior that they enjoy doing and don't want to stop. Rick did that when he rationalized that I was a bad wife so he had to screw some bimbo in a trailer park while I was in the midst of cancer.

I have to get ready for when the vet's office calls that the dog is ready to be picked up. They said that there was a slight chance that she may have to spend the night there and if she does, I think I'll go visit her to make sure that she's OK. So, I'll be back later...have a great afternoon!



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