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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm back now...

...I called a friend of mine and had her come pick me up at my house and drive me to my son's girlfriend's house to pick him up. But, I made a couple of vital errors along the way.

First, I was pacing in my driveway, waiting for my ride and I ran back in the house to get something. When I did, I absent-mindedly laid the directions to where I was going and a cell phone that I had borrowed on the top of the Kia that I no lonegr drive. Then, when my ride got to my house, I jumped in her car without the directions or the phone and I didn't realize it until we were 5 miles away.

I was already running late and I was afraid that my son would get arrested for something stupid because he and his girlfriend ended up arguing and I didn't know what in the world was going on. Anyway, when I realized that I didn't have the directions, I used my friend's phone to call my son's friend. He's the one who gave me the directions in the first place. So, he gave me the directions again.

Then, we followed the directions and it looked like we had done something wrong. We kept driving a bit more when I noticed a house with a car in the driveway that had a broken windshield. My son mentioned something about a broken windshield incident when I was speaking to him. On the off chance that the car I saw was the same car that he was talking about, I knocked on the door and it DID turn out to be his girlfriend's house. I had finally found the right house but in the meantime, he had found his car keys and had taken off. The girlfriend said that he had already called her from my number so I knew that he had made it to my house safely.

So, bottom line, I got my girlfriend out of bed at midnight to drive me out to the boondocks for nothing and then she had to drive me back home where I found my son sound asleep on the bed in the spare room.

Now, I'm all wound up and it's almost 2 AM. I have set my coffee pot to make a pot of coffee at 6:30 in the morning so now I'm going to go to bed and wait for the coffee to perk. I think that I'll swallow a xanax before I head off to bed. This has been a very stressful couple of hours and when I get up in the morning, I will have a few choice words for my kid.

See you all after I wake up!



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