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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is cool...

...You know how guys wil bring you nice little gifts for no reason at all? All men have developed their own little patterns of gift giving over the years based on what worked well for them in the past. One guy might bring a woman candy, another would bring jewelry and still another guy might just buy a woman something she wants like a dress. Rick would even do his part, he'd bring me 11 roses and take the twelve to his girlfriend. (At least I got more than she did.) Different guys each have their own little version of the "thoughtful things" that they do for no particular reason.

And some guys are really handy around the house. The problem is that nowadays, most men are specialized as to what they can do. Rick could fix TV's, stereos and appliances that weren't too messed up. But he was no good at yardwork. He could do general work on cars because he was always trying to keep some hooptie on the road as cheaply as possible. Some guys can do yardwork and others are good at carpentry jobs. Every once in a while you come across a general contractor who can do it all but those are rare. But for the most part, most men are good for one thing or another around the house. And some are good not because of experience, but because of two other things that are good to find in any man...brains and motivation. That type of guy may not have a lot of practical experience, but given the time and the proper motivation, he will figure it out sooner or later.

Most decent guys are good for both things, nice little gifts and getting stuff done around the house. Well, I've just figured something out that I never would have figured out if I stayed with Rick. Guys who have more than a few bucks will do a much better job at both of those things. The little gifts they give you are much nicer (although I admit, the VERY nicest things can be free) and if they can't easily fix something around your house for you, they can always just send someone over who can.

Well, I just got something done by a very nice guy who was just doing a nice little thing for me but I'm really blown away because I'm used to Rick's cheap ass. I told him that my dryer broke and asked if he knew how to replace a heating element and he said, "Yes. I do."

He asked when I wanted to have it done and I said as soon as possible. So, he said that he would call me back in a few minutes and when he did, he asked me if Friday would be OK. Of course I told him, "Fine, whatever's good for you!"

Then he said, "OK, Sears will be delivering you a new dryer sometime Friday and they'll take the old one away."

I said, "I never meant for you to do that, all it needs is an element!" He responded, "Well, you asked if I knew how to fix one and that's the only way I know to do it."

That'll do.

Gosh I love men. I'm gonna have to get me some more of them.

Well, I'm going to go wash dishes. Maybe I can work on someone for a dishwasher! LOL, nope, I feel no need to wash the dishes after I already washed them once. I don't mind washing them too bad as long as there aren't a mountain of them. That's why I like to keep on top of them. The problem is that they never stop coming. Oh well, we all have our crosses to bear.

See ya!



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