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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Good morning!

For some reason, there are about 4 black SUV's parked along the side street of the corner that I live on. I'm not sure what they're doing but it looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter and his crew are staking out the neighborhood. I watched that show for the first time the other night when I couldn't sleep. What's up with that chick of his? I look at her and those huge melons she carries around on her chest and wonder why she doesn't fall on her face. She must have some hellacious back muscles.

And Dog himself is a freaky looking character. I thought that he was wearing those sun glasses to look cool until I saw a close up of him without them. His eyes are so wrinkled that he looks about 80 without the glasses. If my eyes looked like that, I'd never take the glasses off.

Anyway, it does look like a fun job but I would hate to take anyone to jail. I wouldn't mind the dangerous characters but I'd be too afraid of them to hunt them down. But Dog and his crew are fearless creatures so I guess we should just leave it all to them. I have a girlfriend who is good friends with a bounty hunter and from what she told me, they make a lot of money. More than cops, I would think. Cops don't get paid too well considering that they put their lives on the line every day that they go to work.

Before I moved to this house, I lived on the other side of town in an apartment complex and I knew this chick there who was extremely pretty and when a married neighbor hit on her, she fell for him. They began an affair that led to the guy's divorce. He was a Marietta cop and quite the ladies man. After his divorce, he and my friend got married.

She was a stunning girl, very, very pretty. But, not the most ethical person in the world. She never should have dated a married man and, as will happen, karma got her AND him within a couple years of their marriage.

One day they were apparently a happily married couple and then the cop did something stupid. Karma kicked those two and it kicked them HARD!

As I said, he was a Marietta City cop and he was married to a beautiful woman but that wasn't good enough for him. He started peeping into innocent women's windows while he was on duty and he eventually got caught. The last I heard, he had lost his job and was being prosecuted for being a peeping Tom. That has to be embarrassing, for him AND his wife. I don't know what ever came of that because I moved to the other side of town and they moved to an area that I'm unfamiliar with and that I rarely go to. Besides, she was too embarrassed to talk to anyone after that happened.

I'll never understand men. This guy had a good career and TWO lovely wives and he blew it all. The first wife went back to her home country (I think it was Puerto Rico but I'm not sure.), and she took their kid with her.

The woman that he cheated with thought that she had won some huge prize when he married her but even a good looking wife won't stop a guy from being a perv if he wants to be a perv. And for a cop to be a peeping Tom...what a jerk. I guess he thought that if he was in his uniform he could always say that he was investigating someone if he got caught crawling around some bushes looking in windows of women's homes. I'm not sure exactly how he got caught, but he did.

He's the kind of cop that gives the rest of them a bad name. Hell, he's the kind of man who gives the rest of THEM a bad name. As badly as I felt for the second wife, I couldn't say that she didn't have something like that coming. If she would have left him alone with his first wife, SHE'D be the one married to a peeping Tom cop.

Oh well...the original wife certainly got out of that one in the nick of time and I would imagine that she had quite a laugh over the situation when it happened.

OK, I'm going to go look for something productive to do. Have a good day and I'll be back later!

See ya,



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