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Monday, June 05, 2006


...you are some loving folks out there. Judging from the answers to the poll questions, I'm not abnormal. At least not so far as saying "I love you." goes. In relationships that I've been in where "I love you" was said, it was said often (often being a few times a day). But, I had a conversation with someone who said that it wasn't "normal" to say it so often. That's why I put the question up there. Now, all I need is for a bunch more people to answer it so that the response that I've gotten so far can't be called a fluke.

I was with one guy who said that he loved me so rarely that I couldn't handle it. When I bitched about it, he said that it didn't mean anything if it was said often. My feeling was that even if it wasn't "normal" to say it so often, if it made me feel good and if he really DID love me, it would be an easy way to make me happy. I don't see any harm in saying it often and I don't believe that it diminishes anything at all when you do say it a few times a day. That guy said that it would be more special if it was said only on rare occasions. That was so NOT true because since I was used to men who said it often, with one who rarely said it I spent a lot of time wondering why he didn't say it until one day when I just got sick of waiting to hear it.

Then, I get into this conversation with someone who agreed with the nimrod who doled out "I love you's" as though his head would explode if he gave out too many of them. My main argument FOR the "I love you's" was that I have NEVER heard anyone complain that they heard it too often and I've never heard of any relationship that was trashed because of too many expressions of love. Of course, there are some freaky stalker people, but I'm not referring to them.

With the guy who never said it, at one point I stopped the other expressions of love, the ones that he enjoyed so much. I told him that if we waited longer in between our little sessions, it would be even more special. His logic didn't seem to apply to every aspect of relationships.

Anyway, I'm glad that everyone is out there showing their love so much. I'm glad for a couple of reasons...one is that it's just so sweet and the other is that it made me right...AGAIN. And Lord knows, I do love to be right.

Well, I went out to eat tonight. This guy seems to love this Mexican restaurant here in Marietta. I must admit, as far as Mexican restaurants go, it IS a great one. But I would be just fine if I just went a couple of times a year. A couple of times a month is just too many flautas for me.

Isn't Mexican food interesting? How do they come up with so many ways to prepare tortillas, tomatoes, peppers, cheese and meat? Except for the condiments like guacamole, sour cream and pico de gayo, the entire menu is composed of dishes made of the same five ingredients. It's impressive that they can do that, but hell, toss in a pork chop and some mashed potatoes here and there for goodness sakes.

A couple of weeks ago we went to this place in town called Chicago Hot Dogs. They really do make them right, Vienna hot dogs and neon green relish. I would rather go there to eat than to the Mexican restaurant.

Is it me...or is the term "weenie" disgusting? When I married Rick, he and his kids called hot dogs weenies and it just made me ill. I had to do my best to put a stop to that. I don't do weenies.

It's after midnight and I just watched a marathon of The Family Guy. I even watched South Park. I never saw any of those programs until I went to New Jersey last January and now I'm sort of hooked on them. It surprises me because those are the types of shows that I've put down for years. But, sitting with that guy as he watched them, forced me to watch them enough to see the humor in them.

I would never have let my kids watch that stuff when they were little. I was such a picky mother as far as TV went. I wouldn't let them watch Married With Children and then when I'd send them to visit their father for the summer he would let them watch it so then they would come home thinking that I was some prudish mother who was extremely unreasonable. And maybe I was.

But, I would rather err on the side of decency. Those kids were in elementary school and I didn't think programs like that were appropriate for school aged children. Anyway, that experience turned me off on shows like that for years. And then, I meet someone who introduces me to the trashiest stuff on television and I end up digging it. Go figure.

Well, it's time for me to go to bed now so I'll be back in the morning.

See ya,



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