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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sorry it took so long...

...to get back to you. My phone rang and then I never got back to what I wanted to do because I had to make the drunk class. I did. The regular guy wasn't there tonight but his evangelical-like partner took over for him.

I ate again tonight, AND I bought desert. I've eaten part of that and there's plenty left. I LOVE that stuff. The Marietta Diner has such great deserts.

Then, I went out in my back yard with my hedge trimmers and went nuts cutting back everythihng along the fence line. I don't want to go to jail wiith it all such a mess. It'll just be awful when I get back.

I watched a COPS Marathon the other day. I was blown away by all of the people who let the cops search them when they KNOW that they have drugs on them. I bet even the cops themselves are amazed at how many people consent to a search when they have drugs and illegal weapons in the vehicle. So much of the evidence that's used to jail people is given up by themselves. I don't get that. I wouldn'y brerak the law but I wouldn't give up my rights.

And if some nutcase says, "If you don't have anything to hide, you don't have anything to worry about.", I'll scream. What a crock. Privacy laws were meant for law abiding people with nothing to hide. But, if we demand our Consitutional right againts search and seizure, they call that probable cause. Isn't that silly?

Tomorrow, I'll be posting the address for the jail. I'm too tired right now from using the hedge trimmers. My arms feel like jelly.

OK then, I'll be back later!



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