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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dear Meg,

Why do men feel the need to fuck the most heinous, idiotic, trailer trash on the planet?

Because decent women won't have them. Men who screw around don't find the love of their lives and then leave their families for them...they find a woman who is so worthless and sleazy that they'll screw a married man. Those women couldn't find a decent man so they, like the bums they cheat with, happen upon another slug who has no class, no values and no desire to have any class or values. When they find another pig (and I should apologize to pigs here), the fuckathon begins. They're so happy to find another person who'll have them that they just do what feels good without regard to anyone else. They don't care about their spouses, their kids, their families...all that matters to them is their bodily urges. The think they're making love when what they're doing is little more than scratching an itch or letting loose with a foul fart. They deserve each other and in the end, we realize how lucky we are that the two of them have left us to find a decent human being to share our lives with.

Now his life with her is just miserable.

Of course it is!!!! Karma is such a wonderful thing. No one can behave in such a hideous manner without eventually paying the price for their actions. I've been around long enough to see karma in action, over and over again. I trust it and I know that these slugs will end up wallowing in the sludge that is their life. As sure as the sun will rise in the morning, they will end up miserable and surrounded with disgusting people because normal folks wouldn't want to have a thing to do with them and their type. I know it's rather cliche...but what comes around goes around.

I thought women were supposed to be depicted as nice and sweet so that at the end of the movie, the man (or in your case, Rick) can return to his loving princess dressed in white, who's getting ready to serve him, wash his underwear, and have a home cooked meal!

Yeah, that's what got me into this mess. Kissing his ass and standing by him through so much bullshit led him to believe that I would continue to accept it. Thank God I finally reached my breaking point. By the way, if I ever sold this thing...I would only do so with the understanding that Lifetime would never, ever get a piece of it. I wouldn't want to be associated with those sexist pigs in any way, shape or form. AND...that goes for Oprah as well.

I think doing 'hoaxes' like this diminish the hell that real women go through every single day when they have a cheating spouse.

YIKES! I don't know what happened but I can't get to that link...I can get to the main page of the web site, but not to the article to which you referred! Could you send it to me in an email or some other way? I'd love to see what it had to say. Email it to megbkelso@gmail.com. Thanks!

And, yes...I was very angry when I write the "People That I Hate" post. Like I said, this thing (along with some very special friends and the best daughter in the world) has helped me to work that all out. It didn't hurt that I met some very kind men who treated me the way I should have been treated for the past 25 years. They reminded me of how it feels to be treated like a lady. I've met honest men who made Rick look even more like a liar than I had ever realized. I've learned that there are good men out there and I don't have to settle for one who doesn't have the respect for me that a lady deserves. There are plenty of men out there who wouldn't lower themselves so far that they would sleaze around trailer parks, bopping bimbos whenever they could find the chance. I would have never cheated on Rick. I have a lot of reasons for that, not the least of which is the fact that I wouldn't want a man who would screw another man's wife. Rick didn't mind trashy women...if they would spread their legs for him...he was in love. It never occurred to him that the women that he cheated with were tramps who, like him, would have screwed anyone else who would have let them. And tramps they were. Only a tramp would screw another women's husband. So, now he has his freedom to do just that...screw tramps. AND...he gets to pay me $800 a month for the privilege.

OK, I've had a helluva day and now I'm going to go to bed. I'll be back in the morning when I wake up.

See ya!



Blogger shattered said...

HI Meg,

Agree wholeheartedly an many of your comments.

My situation is a bit different because my husband and I are still together and my husband shows extreme remorse and guilt for his actions.

I wrote an interesting piece on my blog about the fact that I could never be a mistress. Feel free to pop on by and have a squizz.

August 07, 2006  

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