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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dear Meg,

How do you feel when someone tells you to just "get over it" meaning thedivorce and to stop blogging about it?My husband's lawyer who's (an older married female herself) once told me offsaying,"
Oh honey, stop being so pitiful and just get oooon with your life!!"How do you feel about that comment?
Because today, I need to have a hearty

Yeah, I can tell you what I think about that comment but to do so, I would have to rerun the post where I addressed it and it was the single most vulgar thing that I've ever written so if you have delicate ears, you might want to stop reading this now. You have been warned:


My nasty, bald lying fuck of a husband for leaving me to rot in the foul house that he picked out and then stunk up with his nasty, pungent brand of body odor.

The sleazy trailer dwelling bimbo skank that he screwed before coming home to me and then left with to go live with his alcoholic thief of a putrid excuse for a mother.

My monster, moron step children that wiped big green snots all over my walls rather than getting their funky asses up off of a chair and looking for a Kleenex. May they grow up just as mindless and jockey short stained as their stupid, trashy father.

My anorexic sister-in-law who holds her cigarettes on her head like a smoke stack thinking that her spoiled children will be free from her foul, cigarette smelling breathe.

That idiot, slut of an ex wife that got pregnant just so that she could get married to someone, anyone...and then had two useless brats who could have only been brighter had they eaten lead-based paint chips.

The wastoid bastard of a kid that my bent dicked husband produced with his urine smelling mistress who single-handedly gives trailer dwelling bimbos a bad name. May it grow up to spit on it’s sex freak parents and do exactly as they do, making them proud to be sex freaks who pork each other in his mothers’ booze soaked bed.

All of the cavernous, fish smelling pussy’s that suck up the horny penis’s of STD ridden men who should be home with their wives.The pus filled penis’s that go poking around in search of any ulcer ridden female who will spread their fat, pudgy little legs for any other pus-filled penis that comes along. May they swap pus filled body fluids for their entire, disease ridden lives.

Politically correct, self-righteous slugs who like to make themselves look better than anyone else by acting all smug and holier than thou whenever people try to make jokes about anything that they consider "hallowed ground".

All of the stupid, mindless twits that tell me to “get over it”. May their spouses screw my husband or his psycho husband stealing pig twice before they even notice that they are not in the bed. I'll "get over it" when I damn well please and in the meatime, I will just finish this by saying:To all of these trashy, pathetic, horny people who can’t keep their urine soaked pants on, I wish lives full of pus filled nights and drunken, drug induced days. May their sex organs rot with the flea bitten chancres of a thousand syphilis infected hookers. May they live long, despicable lives that only serve to pay them back for the pain and suffering that they and their miserable, “intense” sex partners inflict upon decent people. And may my husband die in pain with nothing left to fuck except for the moth eaten pussy of some trailer dwelling bimbo that he keeps in a jar for use when his twisted, herpes infected prick becomes hard. May that nasty, diseased prick explode with green, foul smelling pus when his toothless, bald bitch of a semi human wench takes it into what is left of her cracked, dried up mouth. May the last thing that he thinks in his immoral, waste of a life that proves that some people are better off aborted be the thought of how much longer he would have lived if he had never stepped foot into the dilapidated trailer of that funky, bleached blonde of a tramp who’s nasty, overused, stretched out pussy frightens most men, even gynecologists who want to put pictures of her funky self in books of “Things Most Doctors will Never Have the Misfortune to See.” And may she die with her green, rotting boobs folded into place and stuffed into her feces stained bra and itching the itch of the most diseased, necrotic, flea bitten pussy that has ever opened wide for a “One Size Fits All” fuck-athon. And, may the two of them rot in hell for eternity, knowing that they had a chance to live decent lives but chose instead to hump each other without considering that they might end up with their sex organs green and foul smelling from disease and overuse, and may his necrotic penis fall off in her putrid pussy. May he vomit in a projectile manner when the odor of her nasty self wafts over miles of barren Montana desert. May their deaths be applauded as numerous people are saved from the many diseases that the two of them have produced, both known and unknown.

I'm much better now than I was when I wrote this.



Blogger Gun InMyMouth said...

damn. that was angry.

i am very suicidal and even i can see that perhaps u should get some help....

August 05, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

LOLOLOL...that was written a year ago and I'm still not suicidal. To me, it's just funny. I use the blog to get my frustrations out...it's cheaper than a psychiatrist and the only side effects are people who rant at me anonymously. They're easy to deal with, I just ignore them.


August 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love your rants. Although angry, you have captured my feelings about my ex-boyfriend and his now ex-wife. That blonde, white, USELESS trailer trash can kiss. my. ass. Why does she even exist in this world? WHY?

Why do men feel the need to fuck the most heinous, idiotic, trailer trash on the planet?

Are their pussies just sweeter than ours?

He left me to be with her. He had a chance at a decent life. Now his life with her is just miserable.

August 05, 2006  
Blogger SolarisGal said...

Meg, thanks for the laugh, but I thought that we were working on making your blog into a movie. How can we convince Lifetime's executives to make "Divorcing Rick" into a Lifetime original movie, with all of this angry emotion - I thought women were supposed to be depicted as nice and sweet so that at the end of the movie, the man (or in your case, Rick) can return to his loving princess dressed in white, who's getting ready to serve him, wash his underwear, and have a home cooked meal!

August 05, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

Hey Meg. Hope your Marinol is working again!

Also, I just came across this article in the NY Post that confirms the whole "Emily" blog is a hoax:


Sorry that you'll have to copy/paste, but I always forget the stupid link stuff.

I think doing 'hoaxes' like this diminish the hell that real women go through every single day when they have a cheating spouse. It rather pisses me off to have it confirmed as a hoax. Any thoughts?

Solaris Gal

This is me again, I had to copy and paste that to get the link in and keep the blog at the top.

Seriously, I don't know what the heck the Emily thing is all about so I can't comment on it too much...I have to admit to being rather dense. I have heard that it is a marketing ploy but I haven't heard what it's for yet. I'm going to check out the other comment that had the link to an article about it. I've heard that it's a commercial for billboards, a new show on Court TV and just a lone woman who "made it up". I will find out and when I do, I'll mention it. When I figure out what the heck it was a marketing ploy for, I'll be able to say whether it's a cut to women who have been cheated on, for all I know, it's for a good cause. I sort of doubt it, but until I know for sure, I'm just as confused as you are.


August 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I WISH I HAD WRITTEN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY I USE IT?

August 05, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

Sure. Whenever and where ever you need to. I have to run now because my father is on the phone and I can only type one letter at a time, slowly while I'm listening to him. I'll be back in a bit.


August 05, 2006  
Blogger Andrew said...

Gee Meg. Stop beating around the bush. Tell us what you really think! :o)

Underneath all that there is obviously a lot of hurt you had to work through. I'm glad you describe yourself as doing better now.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

August 05, 2006  
Blogger Enyo said...

Flamin' 'eck pet! I wasn't around first time you posted that. Thank goodness too. I'd have given up immediately realising I could never hope to scale such lofty heights of sustained vitriol. Now I can treasure it for what it is and still puddle about in my own pond.

August 07, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...


You've got me laughing now...what the hell is a "Flamin' eck"? And sure, you could have sustained some hellacious vitriol...all you had to do was marry the likes of my husband. That does it every time.


August 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I said that. I think I will send it to my husband anonimously in a email. He should recognize himself in it because I saw him right away. Thanks for putting into words what Ive been thinking for months.

August 07, 2006  

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