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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A quick question...

My father trusts my opinion when it comes to medical issues because that's what I went to college for. He also trusts my opinion when it comes to things that women traditionally do such as laundry or housework. But, if I have an opinion regarding a "man topic" such as car engines or computers, he would trust a man he just met over my opinion 8 days a week.

Do any other women (or men for that matter) have any similar experiences with anyone in their lives? I'm curious about that. If so, post your experience here in the comments section.




Blogger Anne Arky said...

Granted, this is a "total stranger" story rather than a "someone who knows me" one, but I thought it was kind of funny anyway. Several years ago, I worked part-time at Radio Shack (the one that used to be behind Williamson Bros BBQ), and one day, there were only two other people working that day besides me -- both guys, but neither of whom knew squat about how to hook up a VCR (pre-DVD days). I knew how to hook up a VCR in any way, shape, form or fashion and run it through your blender, your cable, your washing machine or your lawn mower if desired, even though I had not a clue how to operate one (I didn't own one). We sold on commission, and on this day, when "my turn" came up, this elderly gentleman came in and brushed me aside when I "May I help you"ed him. "No, I want to talk to one of the MEN." (The "men" were barely shaving age.) I said, "I'm sure I can help you, sir." No, he insisted he had to talk to one of the MEN. I gave up in exasperation and yelled to both of the men, "Okay, guys, I'm going on break", just in time to hear him ask one of the MEN how to hook up a VCR. I, of course, kept going. Both of the MEN laughed later as hard as I did then when they told him, "I'm sorry, sir, the only person in the store who knows how to do that just went on break, but I'm sure SHE will be glad to help you when SHE gets back in an hour."

Welcome home, girlfriend!

August 02, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

LOLOLOL...I would have loved to have seen the look on the guys face. My father has AOL AND Verizon and wouldn't believe me that he didn't need AOL to get online. He couldn't comprehend the idea that he didn't need a server AND AOL. (Even though when he signed on, he had to go to AOL.com to get to his email) I couldn't convince him to save my life. My friend (who my father just met) told him that I was right and he said, "Really? So, I can just cancel AOL?"

I had tried to tell him that for 10 minutes and he refused to believe me. But, a stranger said I was right and he jumped on it as though it was gospel. Oh well. Maybe someday he'll trust my opinion regarding something other than omelets.


August 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its me again...he guy who rants and raves about how women should be treated like their mothers....this is an interesting psycological point. It has to do with men being men, and that so called "hunting" instinct that we inhereted eons ago and still dont know how to deal with it as relates to the changes in modern society. A "real man" in todays world knows when to let a woman have her place and accept that both sexes can do almost everything the other one can (there are some, of course that one sex can do and the other cant, but dont take that up with me, take it up with Mother Nature!).

Its like the radio in the car. I learned a long time ago that when there is a woman in my car, I am no longer the proriator of the dial. Its her domain and she can change the station as many times as she wants. See, its an "if you cant beat them, join them" attitude.

No, Im not too good to be true, I just live my life as best I can. I know I have some faults somewhere, just dont have time to find them, and I havent had time to find a woman to point them out to me.

August 02, 2006  

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