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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hi there...

...I've had an interesting weekend. Interesting in that I've been thinking a lot. You know, that deep thinking shit that you don't share with anyone, even if the laughter is out of the line of audiation. And in case you're wondering...yes, I just made that word up. It sounded better than 'hearing' or 'sound'.

I like to make up words. I can be good at it. Sort of like a better educated Flavor Flav or whatever the heck that guy's name is.

I made up 'garbigify'. To "garbigify" something is to toss it in the trash. I prefer it. It rolls off the tongue better than does, "to toss it in the trash". You're welcome to use my words. I'd like to personally add some words to the English language that are not technology related.

Technology related words tend to get outmoded and dropped from common useage. But my words will be around forever. They were garbigifying crap 5 thousand years ago and they'll be garbigifying crap in another 5 thousand years. And as long as we keep on having kids there will be a lot of audiation.

On the other hand...how often do you mention Pong? I pretty much only use it in this sentence, "Yeah, I remember Pong."

After that, the Pong conversation is usually over unless I have to explain what it is to some young whipper snapper. That just annoys me and those of us who remember Pong are dying off so I try to avoid saying Pong all together. This was, obviously, an exception to my Pong rule.

There was a word from the show Family Ties that never seems to have caught on despite my own personal attempts at propagating it's usage. That word is "toquo". It means: to towel off.

Alex P. Keaton used it in a game of Scrabble. When challenged to "Use it in a sentence.", Alex said, "After I shower, I toquo."

I'm going to continue my efforts because I don't think that one obscure episode of one television show out of millions is getting the job done. So...from now on, when you discuss your after-shower activities, preface the topic by saying, "Well, first I toquoed..."


A friend of mine sent me 2 CD's...one was Paul Simon and the other was Townes Van Zandt. I always liked Paul Simon but I had never heard the other one. My friend listened to that playlist at the bottom of this thing and he saw that I liked Springsteen. He said he thought if I liked one dark, gloomy songwriter/singer, I would like the other. Well, he was right...I did. I guess that's as close as I get to country music. It's not quite the same thing but it is depressing so I guess that's good enough.

Damn, I'm playing my iTunes playlist and the Super Bowl Shuffle is on now. I can't believe those guys went all "Apollo Creed" like that. Damn again, they just used a whistle instead of using the word "ass" in this song.

"Bring on Atlanta, Bring on Dallas. This is for Mike and Papa Bear Halas..."

What a bunch of cocky little boys those '85 Bears were. But damn yet again, they WERE good. And it was a fun season to be a football fan in Chicago. Thank God I had the sense to break up with Rick THAT time anyway. I went back to Chicago from sometime in '84 til '87. I can't believe that I was stupid enough to go back. Oh well, the Eighties were a crazy decade and I did drink whenever I could.

There were storms around here earlier...bad storms with possible "tornadic" activity. (By the way, I think some weather dude made THAT word up sometime in the nineties!) When the lightning was striking and the rain was at it's worst, nothing happened. But later when it was just raining, the TV and cable went out. If I had a Comcast phone, that sucker would have been out too.

THAT'S why I DON'T have Comcast's Triple Advantage Plan. If the wind blows, you get triple fucked. I hate being without something I paid for...I don't care if it IS caused by an act of God. I want my contact with the outside world. I even have a rotary phone so a power outage won't affect my ability to call PaPa Johns. I refuse to go quietly into that good night of a world without instant communication.

Anyway, I was already at the computer so I as I was waiting for it to come back on, I played music with Windows Media Players. That wild psychodelic thing gave me flashbacks and I've never even dropped acid. You know, if they'd have had Windows Media Player back when they had that first batch of really, really good L.S.D, I believe that we would have TOTALLY missed the 70's.

Anyway...I need to go to bed now because it's Monday and I woke up on Sunday. You guys have a good night...day...whatever.



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