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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The following post is 100% my own opinion-Meg

We found the article...

...about the murder in Jersey...the one that we think my cousin is guilty of setting to kill a girlfriend. You can't tell from reading this that it was a murder, they didn't think so at the time. If they did think that Paul Mergel had anything to do with it, they didn't tell the public.

But I do know for sure that the cops in Georgia think he did this and they must have gotten that idea from the Jersey cops. Also, my aunt told Paul NOT to come to Jersey for his father's funeral because she was afraid that he might be busted for the murder. My aunt herself told her other sisters that.

Actually, the funeral was weeks before my aunt went missing so some of us are wondering if Paul killed his mother because she wouldn't let him go to his father's funeral. Around the time my aunt went missing, Paul called his mother's sister who is also my father's sister. This was the entire conversation:

Isabel: Hello?
Paul: Aunt Isabel, do you know where my father is buried?
Isabel: Why don't you ask your mother? She knows.

That's the last Isabel ever heard from Paul and after that, she never heard from her sister either.

Anyway, this is the article:

The Bayshore Independent
August 15, 2001 Link to Page:
Staff Writer
HAZLET — A mobile-home fire caused by smoking in bed took the life of a 38-year-old township woman early Saturday, according to Monmouth County Prosecutor John Kaye. According to Kaye, the victim, whom he identified as Michele Miick, was found in her bed in a rear bedroom of her trailer.
Hazlet Detective Jeff Miller said police responded to a 5:50 a.m. call on Aug. 11 reporting a structure fire at 72 Locust Grove Trailer Park, off Route 36, and found the victim in the rear bedroom.
Miller said Monday "positive identification has yet to be confirmed and is pending dental record results and positive identification by family. She recently had some dental work done, so we’re in the process of tracking down her dentist."
He said the fire was extinguished within five to 10 minutes, and an assessment of the situation led police to believe that the accident "was a result of the victim smoking in bed."
Kaye said Monday that a witness had come forward, shedding light on the situation. "This was definitely a case of a woman who was a heavy smoker. That night apparently she was smoking. She had a guest who left because (the victim) was falling asleep. That guest took a cab home minutes before the fire broke out and a neighbor called the police and fire departments. This person has come forward as a very good witness and has helped tremendously with the case. The same person confirmed the woman was left the way she was found — in bed with a cigarette. We know for certain that the source of origin (of the fire) was unquestionably a cigarette," he said.
Added Kaye: "What happens is, in many cases, people get tired and climb into bed to unwind, have a cigarette and watch a little television before dozing off. The cigarette falls, and the situation ends up being a fatality."

This sort of creates more questions than it answers. But the witness who came forward had to be Paul because he's the one who left in a cab 5 "minutes" before the fire broke out. I don't know if they could have taken samples to see if she had been drugged or not, but I'd like to know. Also, I have to wonder exactly what it was that my aunt gave an alibi for. If the cops knew he left the trailer by cab "minutes before the fire broke out", they knew he was there. God forbid there's ANOTHER case that this monster is involved in.

You know, why would we think he isn't involved with any other missing people? In the same way that when a teenager starts having sex, they don't ever go back to being a virgin again, once a person gets away with murder, they have it in them to kill again. And if they get away with it once, they get rather ballsy and try it again. Then, when they get away with it TWICE, they really get cocky. So, if I suddenly disappear from the blogosphere, call the cops and send them looking for Paul Mergel first.

There is no doubt in my mind that this man will kill again if he isn't taken off the streets...NOW!


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