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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm starting to think that...

...all men are liars. Some just lie more than others and some lie better than others. My idiot ex is Casey Anthony good at lying. I'm sure there are men who don't lie, but if I can't find a religion that I can believe in, I doubt that any man is going to convince me that he's an honest dude.

The guy I've been seeing for comedy's sake has offered up quite a few reasons for me to doubt his veracity but usually I just think, "How stupid does he think I am?" Today I figured out that even I didn't know how stupid I was which is sad considering my experience at being lied to. One would think that I would be ready for a lie and usually I'm there with my red flags that are hard to miss. But today I realized that I fell for a stupid lie because the other lies were all so obvious. I've been batting down most lies that have come my way but I allowed an ace to run right by me.

My father referred to the guy as an "old man" and for a second I felt badly because the guy isn't much older than I. Then I thought about it for a minute and I realized that the guy was older than he said he was. I haven't proven it to myself, but I don't really need proof, I just need to slap myself up-side my head.

Stupid lies slip right by me because I wouldn't expect anyone to lie about something so stupid as his age. If I, being a woman, can find it in myself to be honest about my age, why would a man lie about his? I never saw that one coming. But, I did finally hone in on the beacon of that big, fat, stupid lie. Now I have to look for more. Actually, I've found quite a few, I just don't usually have a pen and paper to take notes with.

Ah, it does make me feel better, that guy LOOKED old. I just thought that I was as old as he looked. I should have known that I wasn't, but it's hard to judge yourself when it come to things like weight and age. I knew that I needed to lose 10 pounds, and I really thought I must look close to 60. The 10 pounds was the only honest thing I found in that thinking. It's hard to lie to yourself too much when your clothes don't fit. But age is another thing. I'm please to find out that I don't look as old as this guy does, he's just another liar that lied about something stupid...and he actually IS old. Cool.

That explains the hoveround...duh.


Blogger FraserRD1 said...

Most guys (meaning about 99.9%) have trouble being totally honest and forthcoming when it comes to women. Also it's "hard" for a single guy to find a woman and when he does, he feels as if he needs to create a 'false' existence or she will not accept him as he is. Not to mention a large portion of the guys nowadays have confidence issues.

July 27, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

AHA! A man who admits that men DO lie! I've been saying it for years and men have gotten somewhat annoyed with me because they fancy themselves "honest". I never asked them to define "honest" or to use actual percentages as did my gentle reader above...from now on I'll be a bit quicker when I defend the aspersions that I may cast out there.

That being said, did my gentle reader defend lies or just explain them? I'm not too sure but considering the fact that he has NO reason to lie to me, I'll assume he was simply explaining Hoveround dude.

I have the same problems, I don't date much and I have self confidence issues. I choose to be honest because I find it easier than lying when I know that certain truths will always come out. I can forgive one of those silly lies that a man tells about his height (I know you all add an inch to your own) but if I eventually married Hoveround dude and then found out that he was MUCH older than he stated, I might have a bit of a problem with that.

Once again, I am dating him for the jokes involved so I'm OK with it all for sure. I just hope his next lie is funnier than this one was.

July 27, 2011  

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