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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's amazing how the stars align themselves

I just wish they'd get it together for the lottery but seriously, it's all good. I promised this picture to someone and I had so much to tell her that I just figured it'd be easier to do it here than within the friendly confines of Facebook.

So yeah, I got the picture for you. Here it is. I have to tell you that as I took this, he was saying, "You aren't going to put this on Facebook, are you?" I was non-committal about that one at the time but it occurred to me that I post it here, I can always say that I would NEVER post his picture on Facebook. Sucks to be him...too bad they don't have Hoverounds for the brain...something that'll catch you up mentally. He's computer illiterate in a way that almost deserves a handicap sticker...or he's just playing stupid. Either he is too stupid to find that picture or he is devious enough to find it without my knowledge...in which case he deserves to find it. How's that for feminine logic? Anyway, in this picture his mouth is open as he asks me about Facebook:

Anyway, as I mentioned, the fates are conspiring on my behalf. Any guilt I MIGHT have felt was assuaged when this nit wit acted like a dick...again...earlier today. On any given day I am given at least one very huge red flag that would ordinarily scare me off. But most people I know don't live a half a block away. So, I get the shot, he's Facebook distracted and he's a dick...it's all good.

I'm pretty sure I forgot something. It's OK...I know my way back.

Oh, I remembered! The stupid pony tail holder...I don't know why that's there. The glasses aren't broken...and if they were, the pony tail thing wouldn't help. I think it's there to make me jealous but I didn't think about that until I uploaded the picture. Sniff.


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